Part 6: Thesis Proposal and Thesis Regulations

Submission of the Thesis Proposal

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal and submit it to the School of Graduate Studies along with the Post-Admission Thesis Proposal form available on the School of Graduate Studies website ( The Thesis Proposal is due as follows:

Table 3: Thesis Proposal Due Dates

Type of Study

Program Term Start

Thesis Proposal Due Date

Full-time Study

January 1 (Spring term)

August 31

May 1 (Summer term)

December 31

September 1 (Fall term)

April 30

Part-time Study

January 1 (Spring term)

April 30 of second year

May 1 (Summer term)

August 31 of second year

September 1 (Fall term)

December 31 of second year

The Thesis Proposal will be approximately five (5) pages in length (double spaced) including figures and references. It will include an introduction, methods and anticipated results, significance of the research, a timeline, and working Bibliography/Reference List.

Purpose and requirements of the Thesis

All Master of Science students are required to prepare and present a thesis. The Thesis must make a significant, original contribution to the body of knowledge in a given discipline. It must show that the student:

  • Is familiar with the published literature in the Thesis’ subject area
  • Has used appropriate research methods
  • Has applied appropriate levels of critical analysis
  • Is competent to complete independent research and present the findings

Thesis Requirements

The following are the requirements for the Thesis:

  • The Thesis must consist of original student research work
  • The student is responsible for writing his or her Thesis
  • The student must orally defend the Thesis

The Thesis remains the intellectual property of the student.