Part 4: Committees

Supervisory Committee

Membership of Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee consists of the following members:

  • A Chair: the supervisor
  • Two (2) committee members who are faculty members that are members of the School of Graduate Studies:
    • One (1) from that same discipline as the program
    • One (1) from another cognate area, or from another discipline within the Dhillon School of Business

Establishing the Supervisory Committee

The student must submit the name of his or her supervisor (with consent/approval) to the Management Graduate Programs Office one (1) month prior to the completion of the Integrative Management Studies Module (December 1 for full-time students).

The supervisor, in consultation with the student, recommends Supervisory Committee members to the Management Graduate Programs Committee, no later than the end of the Major ModuleI (April 1 of the first year of study). Changes to membership must be approved by the Management Graduate Programs Committee.

Duties and responsibilities of the Supervisory Committee

The overall role of the Supervisory Committee is to support the graduate student by providing academic and research advice, assessing a student’s progress and providing feedback.

The Supervisory Committee’s responsibilities are to:

  • Meet with the student to discuss progress and issues, and report progress to the Management Graduate Programs Committee.
  • Provide constructive criticism of the student’s ideas, methods, and performance.
  • Be accessible to the student for ongoing consultation and discussion.
  • Be a member of the Thesis Examination Committee.
  • Attend Master’s Thesis proposal defence and the Master’s Thesis oral defence.

The School of Graduate Studies recommends that each member make every effort to remain part of the student’s Supervisory Committee until the student exits the program.