Part 3: Student and Supervisor: Rights and Responsibilities


Full-time and part-time status

A Master of Science (Management) student may declare full-time or part-time status at the time of application and a student who wishes to transfer from full-time to part-time or vice versa must do so no later than at the end of the first 12 months of study. Full-time and part-time students register continuously throughout the tenure of their programs and are engaged in coursework and/or research towards their programs.

A full-time student who is engaged in employment outside the Master of Science (Management) program more than 10 hours per week is encouraged to discuss his or her circumstances with his or her supervisor(s).

Student responsibilities

NOTE: Master of Science (Management) students’ rights and responsibilities are legislated from time to time by the University of Lethbridge and outlined in the Graduate Studies Calendar ( Contact the School of Graduate Studies for up-to-date legislation related to the rights and responsibilities of Master of Science (Management) students.

In studying at the graduate level, students must strive for high levels of academic achievement and contribute to the intellectual life of the University. Master of Science (Management) students must commit to the efficient completion of the program. The responsibilities of Master of Science (Management) students at the University include the following:

Regulations and requirements

  • Meet all degree requirements within the required time limit.
  • Meet all deadlines and regulations associated with registration, award applications, and degree requirements.
  • Conform to all University, departmental, and program requirements, legislation, and policies.
  • Meet the performance standards and deadlines of external funding organizations (if any).
  • Meet the terms and conditions of fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships.

Knowledge and skills

  • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pursue the academic and research program.
  • Attend scholarly presentations scheduled by the Management Graduate Programs Office. Students are encouraged to attend all Master of Science (Management) Master’s Thesis proposal defences and Master’s Thesis oral defences.
  • Uphold ethical standards in research, scholarship, and the reporting of research results.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of the supervisor, funding agencies, and others in presentations and publications, including joint authorship if appropriate.

Academic and ethical standards

  • Uphold the academic and non-academic standards outlined the Graduate Studies Calendar (
  • Ensure all written documents (including final Master’s Thesis) are editorially correct.


  • Keep regular, open communication with, and seek advice from, the supervisor and Supervisory.
  • Regularly inform the supervisor about progress in the program. At a minimum, this involves a progress report each term when registered in the Master’s Thesis module.
  • Inform the Management Graduate Programs Office and supervisor of any absences, and follow the University guidelines for requesting a Leave of Absence.


  • In consultation with the supervisor, develop a realistic work schedule for the research program, with specific milestones.

Research environment

  • Help ensure a research environment free from harassment, discrimination, and conflict.

Ownership of data, information, and equipment

  • Respect the University’s policies regarding intellectual property and the ownership of data and information.
  • If applicable, follow the contractual agreements with other agencies or individuals regarding the ownership of data, information, and equipment.
  • If appropriate, upon finishing the program, provide the supervisor with documentation that allows others to continue the research.

Graduate student entitlements

Graduate students are entitled to the following:

  • Health and dental plans: Students’ families can also be included in these plans. Contact the University of Lethbridge Students’ Union for details (see for more information).
  • Inter-library loan privileges: Contact the Library for more details (see for more information).
  • Use of all University facilities: For example, the Library, computer labs, exercise rooms, and gymnasium (see the General Services at the University of Lethbridge section of the Graduate Studies Calendar:
  • The right to appeal academic matters: Refer to Academic Regulations section of the Graduate Studies Calendar:

Academic performance

For expected standards of academic performance, refer to Policies and Program Requirements in the Academic Regulations section of the Graduate Studies Calendar (

Non-academic performance

Refer to Policies and Program Requirements in the Academic Regulations section of the Graduate Studies Calendar (

Leave of Absence

When circumstances prevent a student from continuing his or her program as approved, the student, in consultation with the supervisor, may submit a request for a Leave of Absence to the School of Graduate Studies for approval. For example, those wishing to take maternity or paternity leave can request a Leave of Absence. A Leave of Absence can be a maximum of one (1) year and must begin and end in accordance with the Academic Schedule ( specified for each term. During the leave, fees are not assessed.