Part 1: Registration and Degree Requirements


Graduate students register every term throughout the tenure of their program. Detailed instructions are available in the Registration Guide ( and the New Student Checklist (

Registration process

Registration for each term

Every term (before the Add/Drop deadline), graduate students must register for their degree requirements online via the Bridge (

A student who does not submit a defended and completed Master’s Thesis that has been approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies by the end of the term must register for the next term.

Course requirements

The Master of Science (Management) consists of 36.0 credit hours of full-time study involving an orientation, coursework, several research-focused workshops and a Master’s Thesis. The program is divided into four modules running over a two (2) year period. Refer to Requirements for Degree in the Master of Science (Management) Programs section of the Graduate Studies Calendar ( Students are responsible for ensuring required course are successfully completed.

Independent Study courses:
The student must complete an Independent Study form ( if he or she registers in an Independent Study course (5990). Contact the School of Graduate Studies Office for details (

No more than one (1) Independent Study course may be taught by the supervisor. No more than two (2) Independent Study courses may be taught by the same instructor. When Independent Study courses are taught by a Supervisory Committee member, a second reader must be named from outside that Supervisory Committee.

Senior undergraduate level courses taken at the graduate level:
When senior undergraduate level courses are taken at the graduate level a Request to Take a Senior Undergraduate Course at the Graduate Level form ( must be submitted.

Change of approved program of studies

Subsequent changes to an approved program of studies must follow the procedures outlined in the online Registration Guide (

Addition of Supervisory Committee members or changes to composition of the Supervisory Committee must be vetted by the relevant department, the Management Graduate Programs Committee, and approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

NOTE: Refer to the Cancellation and Withdrawal in the Registration section of the the Graduate Studies Calendar ( for course withdrawal policies.


For full details on program fees and payments, refer to the Fees section in the Graduate Studies Calendar (


Graduate students must register every term no later than the last day of add/drop. There are three (3) terms:

  • Spring (January to April)
  • Summer (May to August)
  • Fall (September to December)

For the last day of registration for each term, refer to the Academic Schedule in the Graduate Studies Calendar (

Failure to register

A student who fails to register for any term and who does not have permission for a Leave of Absence, is considered by the University to have administratively withdrawn from his or her program. For a student to re-enter his or her program, the student must obtain written permission from the School of Graduate Studies and pay related tuition and fees.