Part 7: Thesis Examination and Assessment

Assessing the Master’s Thesis

The Thesis Examination Committee must assess if the student’s Master’s Thesis meets or exceeds the academic standards for an Master of Science (Management) Master’s Thesis. This includes ensuring that the Master’s Thesis:

  • Addresses related public literature
  • Acknowledges contributing scholars
  • Uses methods that ensure the conclusions are valid and supported
  • Contributes knowledge to management scholarship
  • Has originality and substance
  • Is written in a clear and intelligible manner
  • Conforms to the Master’s Thesis style and format regulations
  • Shows significant knowledge and grasp of the field
  • Is free from major errors

In assessing the Master’s Thesis, the committee must recognize that even an excellent thesis is not necessarily perfect in all respects. Only some parts of the Master’s Thesis could be suitable for a publication. Taken as a whole, the Master’s Thesis has to be a sound piece of scholarship.

Master’s Thesis assessment report

When the assessment of the Master’s Thesis is complete, each member of the Thesis Examination Committee, except the Chair, completes an Assessment of Readiness to Defend form ( This form is a recommendation on the student’s readiness to defend the Master’s Thesis.

The examiners submit their completed forms to the Thesis Examination Committee Chair. This must be done at least 72 hourse before the Master’s Thesis oral defence.

The examiners recommend one (1) of the two (2) assessments on the form:

Table 2: Assessment of readiness to defend assessment options


Next Steps

Advance to the Master’s Thesis oral defence as scheduled

Student advances to the scheduled Master’s Thesis oral defence.

Not ready to proceed to the scheduled Master’s Thesis oral defence

The Thesis Examination Committee Chair contacts the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies immediately. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies discusses how to proceed with the supervisor and the student.

NOTE: Students have a right to defend the Master’s Thesis regardless of the assessment.