Part 8: Thesis Route

Thesis Examination Committee


There are at least four members on the Thesis Examination Committee:

  • A chair, who is typically the chair of the MN Program Committee, or a faculty member and member of the SGS designated by the Faculty of Health Sciences, if appropriate;
  • All of the three members on the student’s Thesis Supervisory Committee;
  • In rare circumstances, an external examiner may be included. If, for extenuating circumstances, the student’s Thesis Supervisory Committee decides an external examiner is needed, the Thesis Supervisor will provide a written rationale for the external examiner to the MN Program Committee. An external examiner will then be located and the University of Lethbridge Master of Science policies and guidelines for an external examiner will be used;

All members are voting members, with the exception of the chair. The MN Program Committee approves the membership of the Thesis Examination Committee.


The overall responsibility of the Thesis Examination Committee is to assess the completed Thesis by reviewing the Thesis and conducting the Thesis Oral Defence in accordance with the procedures developed by the SGS (see Thesis Oral Defence).

The Thesis Examination Committee‘s specific responsibilities include the following:

  • Reviewing and assessing the completed Thesis;
  • Questioning the student during the Thesis Oral Defence;
  • Assessing the student, based on the Thesis, and the student’s responses and performance during the Thesis Oral Defence.

The chair of the Thesis Examination Committee is responsible for:

  • Chairing the Thesis Oral Defence;
  • Informing the student of the results of the Thesis Oral Defence, and reporting the results to the SGS Dean by the end of the next working day.

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