Part 8: Thesis Route

Approval by Appropriate Research Ethics Board/Committee

Any study involving human subjects must receive approval from the appropriate research ethics board/committee. Although most students’ theses will require human subjects research ethics review (see Appendix Three: Determination of Ethics Review) if it is unclear if the thesis research requires ethical review.

In the second half of students’ NURS 5160 course, their second assignment will be to develop a draft research ethics application, using the standard form for the University of Lethbridge.

Following approval of the Thesis Proposal at the Thesis Proposal Colloquium, the student will then meet (in person or by other means) with her or his Thesis Supervisor to make any changes to his or her draft research ethics form (if changes are needed). Once the Thesis Supervisor is satisfied with the ethics form, the student then submits the research ethics form to the appropriate research ethics board/committee, with the assistance of his/her Thesis Supervisor. Ideally this will be done prior to the second week of December in the semester where NURS 5160 is taken.

Conducting the Study

After receiving approval from the appropriate research ethics board/committee (see above), the student conducts the study as described in the approved thesis proposal and human subjects research ethics application. The student submits drafts of his or her thesis work to the Thesis Supervisor on a periodic basis that is determined by the student, the Thesis Supervisor, and the Thesis Supervisory Committee. Full-time students have two semesters to complete the Thesis and frequent communication between the Thesis Supervisor and the student is recommended. It is also expected that the Thesis Supervisor will keep the Thesis Supervisory Committee informed as to the student’s progress, and it advised that the Thesis Supervisor schedule meetings with the Thesis Supervisory Committee at least twice per year while the student is working on his or her thesis.

If the student is not able to complete the research and Thesis Oral Defence in the two semesters assigned for that purpose, the student will be assigned a non-grade-designation of Continuing (“X”) for NURS 6001–Thesis and will be required to register in the following semester and pay assigned fees.