Part 5: Student Categories, Responsibilities and Entitlements

MN Student Categories: Full-Time and Part-Time Students

MN students may declare full-time or part-time status at the time of application. Students who wish to transfer from full-time to part-time status or vice-versa must do so within first 12 months of study. Full-time and part-time students register each semester as they proceed through their coursework and final project or Thesis.

Student Responsibilities

Note: Students’ rights and responsibilities are legislated from time to time by the University of Lethbridge and outlined in the Graduate Studies Calendar and University policies and procedures.

The responsibilities of MN students at the University of Lethbridge include the following:

Regulations & Requirements

  • Meet all degree requirements in a timely manner;
  • Meet all deadlines and regulations associated with registration, award applications, and degree requirements;
  • Conform to all University, departmental, and program requirements, legislation, and policies;
  • Meet the performance standards and deadlines of funding organizations;
  • Meet the terms and conditions of fellowships, graduate assistantships, and research assistantships.
  • Hold licensure in the province in which they plan to complete Nursing 5130 Practice Experience.
  • Make themselves aware of and being compliant with relevant CARNA/CAN documents, as well as policies of organizations where they are conducting scholarly work as a student of the program.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete academic studies.

Academic & Ethical Standards

  • Uphold ethical standards in studies, scholarship, clinical practice and research.
  • Students engaged in projects or theses must adhere to the Tri-council Policy Statement (2014): Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. If students are unsure whether a project or thesis requires ethical approval through the University of Lethbridge’s Human Subjects Research Committee (HSRC), they are encouraged to consult Appendix 3: Determination for Ethical Review in the Master of Nursing Policies & Procedures, and consult with the HSRC as needed.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of the course instructors and/or Thesis Supervisor, funding agencies, and others to presentations and publications, including joint authorship if appropriate;
  • Uphold the academic and non-academic standards outlined in the Graduate Studies Calendar.

Standards of Professional Conduct

Master of Nursing students are pursuing a graduate degree within the profession of nursing. Therefore, in addition to the standards regulating Academic and Non-Academic Conduct for the University of Lethbridge, students must also adhere to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of their jurisdictional regulatory body in the course of engaging in theory and practice courses. Students are directed to read the section 6 (d) of the Graduates Studies Calendar Graduate Studies Calendar Standards of Professional Conduct for Students in the Master of Nursing Program” for comprehensive coverage of the expectations surrounding professional conduct.


  • Keep regular, open communication with and seek advice from appropriate MN program personnel, such as course instructors, Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Studies Coordinator, Thesis Supervisor, et cetera.
  • Inform course instructors, the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Studies Coordinator, and/or the Thesis Supervisor in the case of any extended absences, and to follow the policies and procedures for requesting a Leave of Absence (see Leave of Absence).


  • In consultation with the course instructors and/or Thesis Supervisor, develop a realistic work schedule for completion of the program, including specific timelines and milestones.

Academic Environment

  • Help ensure an academic environment free from harassment, discrimination, and conflict.

Ownership of Data, Information, & Equipment

  • Respect the University of Lethbridge’s policies regarding intellectual property and the ownership of data and information;
  • If applicable, follow the contractual agreements with other agencies or individuals regarding the ownership of data, information, and equipment;

Conflict of Interest in Practice Placement

  • In the event that the practice setting is also the student’s place of employment, ensure that work hours are separate from practice hours, and that there is no remuneration or profit of any kind associated with engaging in the learning experience;
  • Negotiate practice hours with agency contact and faculty supervisor as per requirements outlined in course syllabus for NURS 5130.

Personal Injury in Practice Setting

  • In the event of an injury in the practice setting, including en route to or from the practice setting, immediately report incident to your agency contact and faculty supervisor;
  • Abide by applicable policies, reporting requirements, and safety practices of the practice setting;
  • Within 48 hours, complete the Campus Accident/Incident Report, found at
  • If further guidance is required, contact Risk and Safety Services at the University of Lethbridge at 403-382-7176. Further information can be accessed at

Academic and Non-Academic Performance

  • For expected standards of academic and non-academic performance for MN students, refer to the Graduate Studies Calendar: Academic Regulations, Policies and Program Requirements.

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