Part 3: Registration and Degree Requirements


Throughout the tenure of their program, graduate students register for their courses each semester via the Bridge. It is important for students to take the courses in the sequence that they are offered (see Appendix One: MN Course Schedule).

Students are required to register in at least one course required for the MN program each semester. Students will be notified of the registration procedures following acceptance of an offer of admission.

Students must register every semester. There are three semesters:

  • Spring, beginning in January
  • Summer, beginning in May
  • Fall, beginning in September

For the last day of registration for each semester, see the Academic Schedule in the Graduate Studies Calendar.

Students who fail to register for a semester, and do not have permission for a Leave of Absence, are considered by the University to have withdrawn from their program. For these students to re-enter their program, they must obtain written permission from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).


Students must pay their tuition and program fees to the Cash Office in person or online. For full details on fees, refer to the Fee Schedules.

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