Part 7: Project Route

Overview of the Project

A project is tangible application of a variety of nursing evidence into a deliverable that can be readily utilized by nurses or clients in a practice setting. The final project product will include a written summary of the project (see Submitting the Final Project Paper), as well as the deliverable that could be shared with practice settings (see Completing the Project: NURS 6002–Final Project).

One faculty member will coordinate and supervise all of the students registered in each section of NURS 6002–Final Project. This is a six credit course that occurs in the summer session. NURS 5150–Project Development Seminar precedes this course and the Project Proposal for the final project will be completed in this course.

While project-route students are required to take one non-nursing elective of their choosing, they are encouraged to choose an elective that is related to their project.

Project Format Guidelines

Students will follow the Thesis and Project Format Regulations (see Part 9: Thesis and Project Paper Format Regulations) for the MN Project Proposal during NURS 5150–Project Development Seminar and for the final Project Paper during the NURS 6002–Final Project course. Consult the course outlines for Nursing 5110 Health Research: Critique, Synthesis, and Application and Nursing 6002 for more detailed information.

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