Part 1: Master of Nursing Program

MN Program Description

What we believe:

We believe that Registered Nurses (RNs) prepared at the graduate level contribute significantly to the health and wellness of individuals, families, communities and populations. They do so as leaders, scholars, influencers, advocates and educators who advance nursing practice, nursing education and scholarship.

What we do:

There is an increasing need for RNs educated at the graduate level, prepared to respond to and anticipate the complex needs of individuals, families, communities and populations in clinical, educational and research environments. Therefore, we prepare graduates for advancement in professional roles in multiple domains. Our graduates will take leading roles in nursing practice, education and research and will be well prepared to move on to PhD studies.

Consistent with the University of Lethbridge, our program is based on the following foundational principles:

Commitment to Society

We believe that health is a complex human phenomenon inseparable from context or place. Further, we believe that RNs prepared at the graduate level play an important role in promoting, supporting and restoring health through advancement of knowledge in clinical practice, education and research. Students of our program will work collaboratively with individuals, families, communities and/or populations to explore matters of significance to health and professional nursing practice. Through engagement with faculty members, community partners and clients, students will broaden their understanding of nursing research, education and clinical practice, develop strategies for best practice and facilitate broad dissemination of discovered knowledge. Students will be encouraged to explore and apply principles of social justice, equity and advocacy in diverse urban and rural populations.

Commitment to Students

We believe that graduate nursing education needs to be dynamic and responsive to emerging local, regional and global realities. We further believe that learning is best facilitated when it is:

  • relevant to students
  • inclusive and accessible
  • delivered flexibly using appropriate technology and other resources
  • respectful of students, faculty members, community partners and clients.

Students will be encouraged to explore areas of study relevant to their professional practice and to deepen their knowledge, nurture their expertise and develop their potential as nursing leaders.

Commitment to Creativity, Inquiry and Discovery

We value and nurture inquiry, creativity and evidence-informed nursing practice. Students are encouraged to explore issues and to apply evidence through critical analysis and synthesis. We support student identified research topics and final projects and whenever possible encourage connection of those to the expressed needs of clients and community partners.

Commitment to Inspiration

We believe that the journey of graduate RN education is one that ignites personal and professional growth. Small class sizes facilitate enhanced opportunities to build relationships with faculty members who are committed to inspiring students to seek new horizons in their professional nursing practice.

Commitment to Responsible Action

We believe that nursing practice is a moral, ethical, and political act. We are committed to embodying the accountability of the profession to protecting, promoting, and preserving health through service to society, and reflecting that accountability in our relationships with clients and communities. We will prepare students to demonstrate responsible leadership and action to influence nursing practice and social policies in ways that promote health.