Below is a course list for the Fall semester of 2017.

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AGST 6000AMaster's ThesisDanny Le Roy
AGST 6000BMaster's ThesisStefan Kienzle
ANTH 5991AIndependent Study: Race, Ethnicity and Identity in the CaribbeanPatrick Wilson
ANTH 5991AIndependent Study: Race, Ethnicity and Identity in the CaribbeanSean Brayton
ANTH 6000AMaster's ThesisPatrick Wilson
ANTH 6000BMaster's ThesisAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 6000CMaster's ThesisSteve Ferzacca
ARKY 6000AMaster's ThesisShawn Bubel
ART 6002AThesisMary Kavanagh
ART 6002BThesisJackson Leween
ART 6002CThesisDavid Miller
ASCI 5012XCo-op Work Experience IIJasminn Berteotti
BCHM 5990AYeast SnoRNP Protein RNA Binding PropertiesTony Russell
BCHM 5990AYeast SnoRNP Protein RNA Binding PropertiesUte Wieden-Kothe
BCHM 6000AMaster's ThesisSteven Mosimann
BCHM 6000BMaster's ThesisHans-Joachim Wieden
BCHM 6000CMaster's ThesisPaul Hazendonk
BCHM 6000DMaster's ThesisUte Wieden-Kothe
BCHM 6000EMaster's ThesisNehalkumar Thakor
BCHM 6000FMaster's ThesisAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 6000GMaster's ThesisTrushar Patel
BIOL 5990ACarbohydrate Structure and FunctionNehalkumar Thakor
BIOL 5990ACarbohydrate Structure and FunctionWade Abbott
BIOL 5990BCarbohydrate Structure and FunctionNehalkumar Thakor
BIOL 5990BCarbohydrate Structure and FunctionWade Abbott
BIOL 6000AMaster's ThesisJames Thomas
BIOL 6000BMaster's ThesisIgor Kovalchuk
BIOL 6000CMaster's ThesisBrent Selinger
BIOL 6000DMaster's ThesisRoy Golsteyn
BIOL 6000EMaster's ThesisJoseph Rasmussen
BIOL 6000FMaster's ThesisGregory Pyle
BIOL 6000GMaster's ThesisCameron Goater
BIOL 6000HMaster's ThesisTheresa Burg
BIOL 6000IMaster's ThesisRobert Laird
BIOL 6000JMaster's ThesisOlga Kovalchuk
BIOL 6000KMaster's ThesisTony Russell
BIOL 6000LMaster's ThesisElizabeth Schultz
BIOL 6000MMaster's ThesisStewart Rood
BIOL 6000NMaster's ThesisDmytro Yevtushenko
BIOL 6000OMaster's ThesisSteve Wiseman
BMOL 8000ADoctoral ThesisIgor Kovalchuk
BMOL 8000BDoctoral ThesisHans-Joachim Wieden
BMOL 8000CDoctoral ThesisUte Wieden-Kothe
BMOL 8000DDoctoral ThesisElizabeth Schultz
BMOL 8000EDoctoral ThesisTony Russell
BMOL 8000FDoctoral ThesisSteven Mosimann
BMOL 8000GDoctoral ThesisJames Thomas
BMOL 8000HDoctoral ThesisNehalkumar Thakor
BMOL 8000IDoctoral ThesisTrushar Patel
BMOL 8000JDoctoral ThesisMarc Roussel
BMOL 8000MDoctoral ThesisDmytro Yevtushenko
BMOL 8000NDoctoral ThesisAthanasios Zovoilis
BSBD 8000ADoctoral ThesisJoseph Rasmussen
BSBD 8000BDoctoral ThesisStefan Kienzle
BSBD 8000CDoctoral ThesisGregory Pyle
BSBD 8000DDoctoral ThesisMaura Hanrahan
CAAP 6601OLTheories of Counselling and their Application to Client ChangeSandra Dixon
CAAP 6603OLProfessional Ethics and ConductDawn McBride
CAAP 6605OLFoundational Counselling and Conflict Resolution SkillsBlythe Shepard
CAAP 6613OLAssessment: Processes and ApplicationStan Wong
CAAP 6615OLCounselling Strategies and InterventionsSandra Dixon
CAAP 6633OLCounselling Issues Across the Life SpanBlythe Shepard
CAAP 6637OLGroup Counselling and Process SkillsDawn McBride
CHEM 5990ANMR Theory for MetabolomicsTony Montina
CHEM 6000AMaster's ThesisPaul Hazendonk
CHEM 6000BMaster's ThesisStacey Wetmore
CHEM 6000CMaster's ThesisMichael Gerken
CHEM 6000DMaster's ThesisPaul Hayes
CHEM 6000EMaster's ThesisRene Boere
CHEM 6000FMaster's ThesisPeter Dibble
CPSC 5990AContinuous Nearest Neighbour Query ProcessingJohn Zhang
CPSC 5990AContinuous Nearest Neighbour Query ProcessingWendy Osborn
CPSC 6000AMaster's ThesisHoward Cheng
CPSC 6000BMaster's ThesisJohn Zhang
CPSC 6000CMaster's ThesisYllias Chali
CPSC 6000DMaster's ThesisWendy Osborn
CPSC 6000EMaster's ThesisHua Li
CPSC 6000FMaster's ThesisShahadat Hossain
CPSC 6000GMaster's ThesisJackie Rice
CPSC 6000HMaster's ThesisDaya Gaur
CPSC 6000IMaster's ThesisRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 6000JMaster's ThesisJohn Anvik
CSPT 6000AMaster's ThesisJason Laurendeau
CSPT 6000BMaster's ThesisLinda Many Guns
CSPT 6000CMaster's ThesisKristine Alexander
CSPT 6000DMaster's ThesisCarol Williams
CSPT 6000EMaster's ThesisClaudia Malacrida
CSPT 6000FMaster's ThesisSuzanne Lenon
CSPT 6000GMaster's ThesisMichelle Helstein
CSPT 6000HMaster's ThesisRobert Wood
CSPT 6000IMaster's ThesisSean Brayton
CSPT 6000JMaster's ThesisKimberly Mair
CSPT 6000KMaster's ThesisHenrie Beaulieu
CSPT 7990ACan The Subaltern Be Heard?: Silencing in Postcolonial TheoryJanice Newberry
CSPT 7990ACan The Subaltern Be Heard?: Silencing in Postcolonial TheoryKristine Alexander
CSPT 8000ADoctoral ThesisLouise Barrett
CSPT 8000BDoctoral ThesisKimberly Mair
CSPT 8000CDoctoral ThesisClaudia Malacrida
CSPT 8000DDoctoral ThesisIvan Townshend
CSPT 8000EDoctoral ThesisCarly Adams
CSPT 8000FDoctoral ThesisGlenda Bonifacio
CSPT 8000GDoctoral ThesisLinda Many Guns
CSPT 8000HDoctoral ThesisJanice Newberry
CSPT 8000IDoctoral ThesisJason Laurendeau
CSPT 8000JDoctoral ThesisKevin McGeough
CSPT 8000KDoctoral ThesisRobert Wood
CSPT 8000LDoctoral ThesisElizabeth Galway
ECON 6000AMaster's ThesisKien Tran
ECON 6000BMaster's ThesisDuane Rockerbie
ECON 6000CMaster's ThesisRichard Mueller
ECON 6000DMaster's ThesisPascal Ghazalian
EDUC 5210ALiving Literacies in EducationErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 5300AThe Foundations of Modern Educational Theory and PracticeErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 5400AThe Nature of Educational ResearchDawn Burleigh
EDUC 5410AResearch in Curriculum and AssessmentDavid Slomp
EDUC 5500AUnderstanding Professional Practice and Professional DevelopmentSharon Allan
EDUC 5630AEducational Leadership and the Change ProcessCheryl Gilmore
EDUC 5631ASchool Culture and the Instructional ProgramCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 5633AGovernance, Collaboration and Community EngagementCharmaine Brooks
EDUC 5850AMotivationJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 5990AAdvanced Application of Psychological AssessmentDawn McBride
EDUC 5990BAdvanced Psychological AssessmentDawn McBride
EDUC 6001AProjectSharon Pelech
EDUC 6006XM.Ed. CapstoneRichard Butt
EDUC 6011AThesisPamela Adams
EDUC 6011AThesisCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 6012AThesisDavid Slomp
EDUC 6012BThesisSharon Pelech
EDUC 6014AThesisPamela Adams
EDUC 6014BThesisLeah Fowler
EDUC 6015AMaster's ThesisDavid Slomp
EDUC 6015BMaster's ThesisAmy von Heyking
EDUC 6025ACounselling Psychology: ThesisMarcia Rich
EDUC 6025BCounselling Psychology: ThesisJanice Victor
EDUC 6025BCounselling Psychology: ThesisTrent Leighton
EDUC 6025CCounselling Psychology: ThesisEm Pijl
EDUC 6025DCounselling Psychology: ThesisBonnie Lee
EDUC 6025DCounselling Psychology: ThesisNoella Piquette
EDUC 6025ECounselling Psychology: ThesisRebecca Hudson Breen
EDUC 6025FCounselling Psychology: ThesisMichelle Hogue
EDUC 6026ACounselling Psychology: ThesisKerry Bernes
EDUC 6026BCounselling Psychology: ThesisNoella Piquette
EDUC 6026CCounselling Psychology: ThesisLeah Fowler
EDUC 6026DCounselling Psychology: ThesisEm Pijl
EDUC 6045ACounselling Psychology: Master?s ThesisThelma Gunn
EDUC 6045BCounselling Psychology: Master?s ThesisJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 6045BCounselling Psychology: Master?s ThesisThelma Gunn
EDUC 6045CCounselling Psychology: Master?s ThesisNoella Piquette
EDUC 6045CCounselling Psychology: Master?s ThesisPeter Kellett
EDUC 6045DCounselling Psychology: Master?s ThesisChris Mattatall
EDUC 6045ECounselling Psychology: Master?s ThesisNoella Piquette
EDUC 7551XAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumDanny Balderson
EDUC 7551XAAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 8000ADoctoral ThesisPamela Adams
EDUC 8000BDoctoral ThesisDanny Balderson
EDUC 8000CDoctoral ThesisRichard Butt
EDUC 8000DDoctoral ThesisLeah Fowler
EDUC 8000EDoctoral ThesisErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 8000FDoctoral ThesisCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 8000GDoctoral ThesisBlythe Shepard
ENGL 6000AMaster's ThesisDan O'Donnell
ENGL 6000BMaster's ThesisHeather Ladd
ENVS 6000AMaster's ThesisDan Johnson
ENVS 6000BMaster's ThesisJames Byrne
ENVS 6000CMaster's ThesisLarry Flanagan
ENVS 6000DMaster's ThesisPhilip Bonnaventure
ENVS 6000EMaster's ThesisLaura Chasmer
ENVS 6000FMaster's ThesisRobert Laird
ENVS 6000GMaster's ThesisChristopher Hopkinson
ESPS 8000ADoctoral ThesisArundhati Dasgupta
ESPS 8000BDoctoral ThesisJames Byrne
ESPS 8000CDoctoral ThesisChristopher Hopkinson
ESPS 8000DDoctoral ThesisMichael Gerken
ESPS 8000EDoctoral ThesisPaul Hazendonk
ESPS 8000FDoctoral ThesisHester Jiskoot
ESPS 8000GDoctoral ThesisWei Xu
ESPS 8000HDoctoral ThesisDerek Peddle
ESPS 8000IDoctoral ThesisBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
ESPS 8000JDoctoral ThesisCraig Coburn
ESPS 8000KDoctoral ThesisDavid Naylor
ESPS 8000LDoctoral ThesisPaul Hayes
ESPS 8000MDoctoral ThesisLaura Chasmer
ESPS 8000NDoctoral ThesisLocke Spencer
ESPS 8000ODoctoral ThesisRene Boere
EVBH 8000ADoctoral ThesisDrew Rendall
EVBH 8000ADoctoral ThesisDavid Logue
EVBH 8000BDoctoral ThesisPaul Vasey
EVBH 8000CDoctoral ThesisPeter Henzi
EVBH 8000DDoctoral ThesisJean-Baptiste Leca
EVBH 8000EDoctoral ThesisRobert Williams
EVBH 8000FDoctoral ThesisLouise Barrett
EVBH 8000GDoctoral ThesisDavid Logue
EVBH 8000HDoctoral ThesisJosephine Mills
FREN 5990AAspects of BilingualismAlain Takam
FREN 5990AAspects of BilingualismTabitha Spagnolo
FREN 6000AMaster's ThesisBeth Gerwin
FREN 6000BMaster's ThesisAlain Takam
GEOG 6000AMaster's ThesisDerek Peddle
GEOG 6000BMaster's ThesisKarl Staenz
GEOG 6000CMaster's ThesisWei Xu
GEOG 6000DMaster's ThesisChristopher Hopkinson
GEOG 6000EMaster's ThesisIvan Townshend
GEOG 6000FMaster's ThesisStefan Kienzle
GEOG 6000GMaster's ThesisCraig Coburn
GEOG 6000HMaster's ThesisPhilip Bonnaventure
HIST 6000AMaster's ThesisCarol Williams
HIST 6000BMaster's ThesisHeidi MacDonald
HIST 6000CMaster's ThesisAmy Shaw
HIST 6000DMaster's ThesisJanay Nugent
HIST 6000EMaster's ThesisChristopher Epplett
HIST 6000FMaster's ThesisLynn Kennedy
HIST 6000GMaster's ThesisKristine Alexander
HLSC 5860OLMen's HealthPeter Kellett
HLSC 6000AMaster's ThesisOlu Awosoga
HLSC 6000BMaster's ThesisClaudia Steinke
HLSC 6000CMaster's ThesisCheryl Currie
HLSC 6000DMaster's ThesisJean Harrowing
HLSC 6000EMaster's ThesisBonnie Lee
HLSC 6000FMaster's ThesisMonique Sedgwick
HLSC 6000GMaster's ThesisChad Witcher
HLSC 6000HMaster's ThesisBrenda Leung
HLSC 6000IMaster's ThesisDarren Christensen
HLSC 6000JMaster's ThesisJulia Brassolotto
HLSC 6000KMaster's ThesisPeter Kellett
HLSC 6000LMaster's ThesisSienna Caspar
HLSC 6000MMaster's ThesisEm Pijl
HLSC 6000NMaster's ThesisLinda Many Guns
HLSC 6000OMaster's ThesisSusan McDaniel
IDST 7200AGenetically Engineered MachineAngeliki Pantazi
KNES 6000AMaster's ThesisJon Doan
KNES 6000BMaster's ThesisClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 6000CMaster's ThesisJennifer Copeland
KNES 6000DMaster's ThesisLuc Martin
KNES 6000EMaster's ThesisMarc Bomhof
KNES 6000FMaster's ThesisPaige Pope
MATH 6000AMaster's ThesisAmir Akbary-Majdabadno
MATH 6000BMaster's ThesisJoy Morris
MATH 6000CMaster's ThesisHabiba Kadiri
MATH 6000DMaster's ThesisShelly Wismath
MDST 6000AMaster's ThesisDan O'Donnell
MDST 6000BMaster's ThesisCarol Williams
MDST 6000CMaster's ThesisMichelle Hogue
MDST 6000DMaster's ThesisSteve Ferzacca
MDST 6000EMaster's ThesisWilliam Ramp
MDST 6000FMaster's ThesisJo-Anne Fiske
MDST 6000GMaster's ThesisSean Brayton
MDST 6000HMaster's ThesisOmar Rodriguez
MDST 6000IMaster's ThesisJackie Rice
MDST 6000JMaster's ThesisLocke Spencer
MDST 6000KMaster's ThesisPeter Kellett
MDST 6000LMaster's ThesisDavid Naylor
MGT 5115YAResearch WorkshopsShamsul Alam
MGT 6100AMaster's ThesisAdriane MacDonald
MGT 6100AMaster's ThesisMahfooz Ansari
MGT 6100BMaster's ThesisKelly Williams-Whitt
MGT 6100CMaster's ThesisEbenezer Asem
MGT 6100CMaster's ThesisPei Shao
MGT 6100DMaster's ThesisAdriane MacDonald
MGT 6100EMaster's ThesisJohn Usher
MGT 6100FMaster's ThesisMichael Basil
MGT 6100GMaster's ThesisShamsul Alam
MGT 6100GMaster's ThesisEbenezer Asem
MGT 6100HMaster's ThesisCarla Carnaghan
MGT 6100HMaster's ThesisYutao Li
MGT 6100IMaster's ThesisSameer Deshpande
MGT 6100JMaster's ThesisNathan Lupton
MGT 6100KMaster's ThesisStuart Thomas
MGT 6100LMaster's ThesisRossitsa Yalamova
MGT 6100MMaster's ThesisEbenezer Asem
MGT 6100NMaster's ThesisTanya Drollinger
MGT 6100OMaster's ThesisDuckJung Shin
MGT 6100YAMaster's ThesisJocelyn Wiltshire
MGT 6100YBMaster's ThesisKatharine Howie
MGT 6100YCMaster's ThesisMary Runte
MGT 6100YDMaster's ThesisRobbin Derry
MGT 6100YEMaster's ThesisKelly Williams-Whitt
MUSI 6001AResearch ProjectJosh Davies
MUSI 6001BResearch ProjectArlan Schultz
MUSI 6002AWritten ThesisJosh Davies
MUSI 6002BWritten ThesisArlan Schultz
NAS 5990AReadings in Indigenous HumorHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 5990AReadings in Indigenous HumorConor Snoek
NAS 6000AMaster's ThesisYale Belanger
NAS 6000BMaster's ThesisMichelle Hogue
NAS 6000CMaster's ThesisHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 7990APlants Indigenous Gardens of Western North America and Food SovereigntyLinda Many Guns
NAS 7990APlants Indigenous Gardens of Western North America and Food SovereigntyPaul McKenzie-Jones
NEUR 5850ANeuroscience and Education: Emotions, Learning and the BrainRobbin Gibb
NEUR 5850ANeuroscience and Education: Emotions, Learning and the BrainNancy Grigg
NEUR 5850BWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceDavid Euston
NEUR 5850BWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceArtur Luczak
NEUR 5850BWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 5850BWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceMasami Tatsuno
NEUR 5850OLAdvanced Applications of Computational NeuroscienceArtur Luczak
NEUR 5902ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIan Whishaw
NEUR 5903ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIIan Whishaw
NEUR 5904ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IVIan Whishaw
NEUR 6000AMaster's ThesisAndrew Iwaniuk
NEUR 6000BMaster's ThesisGerlinde Metz
NEUR 6000CMaster's ThesisRobbin Gibb
NEUR 6000DMaster's ThesisSergio Pellis
NEUR 6000EMaster's ThesisAaron Gruber
NEUR 6000FMaster's ThesisBruce McNaughton
NEUR 6000GMaster's ThesisMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 6000HMaster's ThesisClaudia Gonzalez
NEUR 6000IMaster's ThesisRobert McDonald
NEUR 6000JMaster's ThesisMasami Tatsuno
NEUR 6000KMaster's ThesisDavid Euston
NEUR 6000LMaster's ThesisMatthew Tata
NEUR 6000MMaster's ThesisRobert Sutherland
NEUR 6000NMaster's ThesisIan Whishaw
NEUR 6000OMaster's ThesisBryan Kolb
NEUR 7850AWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceDavid Euston
NEUR 7850AWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceArtur Luczak
NEUR 7850AWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 7850AWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceMasami Tatsuno
NEUR 7850OLAdvanced Applications of Computational NeuroscienceArtur Luczak
NEUR 7902ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIan Whishaw
NEUR 7903ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIIan Whishaw
NEUR 8000ADoctoral ThesisMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 8000BDoctoral ThesisAaron Gruber
NEUR 8000CDoctoral ThesisGerlinde Metz
NEUR 8000DDoctoral ThesisBruce McNaughton
NEUR 8000EDoctoral ThesisRobert McDonald
NEUR 8000FDoctoral ThesisClaudia Gonzalez
NEUR 8000GDoctoral ThesisRobert Sutherland
NEUR 8000HDoctoral ThesisMatthew Tata
NEUR 8000IDoctoral ThesisDavid Euston
NEUR 8000JDoctoral ThesisRobbin Gibb
NEUR 8000KDoctoral ThesisBryan Kolb
NEUR 8000LDoctoral ThesisAndrew Iwaniuk
NMED 5300ATheory and Aesthetics of Digital GamesDavid Clearwater
NMED 5850ADesign Thinking and CreativityLance Chong
NMED 6002AThesisJames Graham
NMED 6002BThesisDana Cooley
NMED 6002CThesisDaniela Sirbu
NMED 6002DThesisRyan Harper
NURS 5130APractice ExperienceTracy Oosterbroek
NURS 5160OLThesis Proposal SeminarMonique Sedgwick
NURS 6001AThesisMonique Sedgwick
NURS 6001BThesisJean Harrowing
NURS 6001CThesisShannon Spenceley
NURS 6002AFinal ProjectKatherine Haight
PHIL 6000AMaster's ThesisMichael Stingl
PHIL 6000BMaster's ThesisBryson Brown
PHYS 6000AMaster's ThesisLocke Spencer
PHYS 6000BMaster's ThesisSteve Patitsas
PHYS 6000CMaster's ThesisKenneth Vos
PHYS 6000DMaster's ThesisBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 6000EMaster's ThesisMichael Gerken
POLI 5991APopular Authority, Public Opinion + Canadian GovernmentYale Belanger
POLI 5991APopular Authority, Public Opinion + Canadian GovernmentGeoffrey Hale
POLI 6000AMaster's ThesisJohn von Heyking
POLI 6000BMaster's ThesisHarold Jansen
POLI 6000CMaster's ThesisYale Belanger
POLI 6000DMaster's ThesisAlan Siaroff
POSH 8000ADoctoral ThesisBrenda Leung
POSH 8000BDoctoral ThesisCheryl Currie
POSH 8000CDoctoral ThesisJulia Brassolotto
POSH 8000DDoctoral ThesisDarren Christensen
POSH 8000EDoctoral ThesisBonnie Lee
PSYC 6000AMaster's ThesisLouise Barrett
PSYC 6000BMaster's ThesisPeter Henzi
PSYC 6000CMaster's ThesisScott Allen
PSYC 6000DMaster's ThesisJean-Baptiste Leca
PSYC 6000EMaster's ThesisJavid Sadr
PSYC 6000FMaster's ThesisJohn Vokey
PSYC 6000GMaster's ThesisFangfang Li
PSYC 6000HMaster's ThesisDavid Logue
RELS 6000AMaster's ThesisJohn Harding
RELS 6000BMaster's ThesisAtif Khalil
SOCI 6000AMaster's ThesisTrevor Harrison
SOCI 6000BMaster's ThesisKimberly Mair
SOCI 6000CMaster's ThesisClaudia Malacrida
SOCI 6000DMaster's ThesisWilliam Ramp
SOCI 6000EMaster's ThesisJason Laurendeau
SOCI 6000FMaster's ThesisTom Perks
TCSC 8000ADoctoral ThesisDarren Christensen
TCSC 8000BDoctoral ThesisHabiba Kadiri
TCSC 8000CDoctoral ThesisStacey Wetmore
TCSC 8000DDoctoral ThesisSaurya Das
TCSC 8000EDoctoral ThesisWei Xu
TCSC 8000FDoctoral ThesisHua Li
TCSC 8000GDoctoral ThesisHadi Kharaghani
TCSC 8000HDoctoral ThesisJackie Rice
TCSC 8000IDoctoral ThesisYllias Chali
TCSC 8000JDoctoral ThesisShahadat Hossain
TCSC 8000KDoctoral ThesisMarc Roussel
UBRE 6000AMaster's ThesisMaura Hanrahan
WGST 6000AMaster's ThesisGlenda Bonifacio
WGST 6000BMaster's ThesisCarol Williams