Below is a course list for the Fall semester of 2017.

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AGBT 6000AMaster's ThesisIgor Kovalchuk
AGST 6000AMaster's ThesisJames Thomas
AGST 6000BMaster's ThesisStefan Kienzle
ANTH 6000AMaster's ThesisPatrick Wilson
ANTH 6000BMaster's ThesisAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 6000CMaster's ThesisJodie Asselin
ARHI 5240ANo TitleDevon Smither
ARKY 6000AMaster's ThesisShawn Bubel
ART 5160ATheory in Art StudioMary Kavanagh
ART 6002CThesisMary Kavanagh
BCHM 5000AImmunologyTrushar Patel
BCHM 5000BAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 5850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 6000AMaster's ThesisSteven Mosimann
BCHM 6000BMaster's ThesisHans-Joachim Wieden
BCHM 6000CMaster's ThesisBrent Selinger
BCHM 6000DMaster's ThesisPaul Hazendonk
BCHM 6000EMaster's ThesisUte Wieden-Kothe
BCHM 6000FMaster's ThesisNehalkumar Thakor
BCHM 6000GMaster's ThesisAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 7000BAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 7850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
BIOL 5500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesAlice Hontela
BIOL 5500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesRoy Golsteyn
BIOL 5500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesAlice Hontela
BIOL 5500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesRoy Golsteyn
BIOL 6000AMaster's ThesisJames Thomas
BIOL 6000BMaster's ThesisIgor Kovalchuk
BIOL 6000CMaster's ThesisBrent Selinger
BIOL 6000DMaster's ThesisRoy Golsteyn
BIOL 6000EMaster's ThesisJoseph Rasmussen
BIOL 6000FMaster's ThesisGregory Pyle
BIOL 6000GMaster's ThesisCameron Goater
BIOL 6000HMaster's ThesisTheresa Burg
BIOL 6000IMaster's ThesisRobert Laird
BIOL 6000JMaster's ThesisOlga Kovalchuk
BIOL 6000KMaster's ThesisTony Russell
BIOL 6000LMaster's ThesisElizabeth Schultz
BIOL 6000MMaster's ThesisDan Johnson
BIOL 6000NMaster's ThesisStewart Rood
BIOL 6000OMaster's ThesisDmytro Yevtushenko
BIOL 6000PMaster's ThesisSteve Wiseman
BIOL 7500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesAlice Hontela
BIOL 7500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesRoy Golsteyn
BIOL 7500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesAlice Hontela
BIOL 7500ACurrent Topics in Biological SciencesRoy Golsteyn
BMOL 8000ADoctoral ThesisIgor Kovalchuk
BMOL 8000BDoctoral ThesisHans-Joachim Wieden
BMOL 8000CDoctoral ThesisUte Wieden-Kothe
BMOL 8000DDoctoral ThesisElizabeth Schultz
BMOL 8000EDoctoral ThesisTony Russell
BMOL 8000FDoctoral ThesisSteven Mosimann
BMOL 8000GDoctoral ThesisJames Thomas
BMOL 8000HDoctoral ThesisNehalkumar Thakor
BMOL 8000IDoctoral ThesisRoy Golsteyn
BMOL 8000JDoctoral ThesisMarc Roussel
BMOL 8000KDoctoral ThesisPaul Hazendonk
BMOL 8000MDoctoral ThesisJoseph Rasmussen
BSBD 8000ADoctoral ThesisCameron Goater
BSBD 8000BDoctoral ThesisJoseph Rasmussen
BSBD 8000CDoctoral ThesisStefan Kienzle
BSBD 8000DDoctoral ThesisGregory Pyle
BSBD 8000EDoctoral ThesisRobert Laird
BSBD 8000FDoctoral ThesisTheresa Burg
BSBD 8000GDoctoral ThesisChristopher Hopkinson
CAAP 6607OLCounselling Diverse ClientsNoella Piquette
CAAP 6611OLGeneral Counselling PracticumDawn McBride
CAAP 6635OLBiosocial Foundations of Health PsychologySandra Dixon
CHEM 50101CHEM 5010 Lab 1Rene Boere
CHEM 5010APrinciples of Electrochemistry and EPR SpectroscopyRene Boere
CHEM 5250AAdvanced Contemporary ChemistryPeter Dibble
CHEM 6000AMaster's ThesisPaul Hazendonk
CHEM 6000BMaster's ThesisMarc Roussel
CHEM 6000CMaster's ThesisStacey Wetmore
CHEM 6000DMaster's ThesisMichael Gerken
CHEM 6000EMaster's ThesisPaul Hayes
CHEM 6000FMaster's ThesisRene Boere
CHEM 6000GMaster's ThesisPeter Dibble
CHEM 70101CHEM 7010 Lab 1Rene Boere
CHEM 7010APrinciples of Electrochemistry and EPR SpectroscopyRene Boere
CHEM 7250AAdvanced Contemporary ChemistryPeter Dibble
CPSC 5110AIntroduction to Algorithms in Facility LocationRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 5310AData MiningWendy Osborn
CPSC 6000AMaster's ThesisHoward Cheng
CPSC 6000BMaster's ThesisJohn Zhang
CPSC 6000CMaster's ThesisYllias Chali
CPSC 6000DMaster's ThesisWendy Osborn
CPSC 6000EMaster's ThesisHua Li
CPSC 6000FMaster's ThesisShahadat Hossain
CPSC 6000GMaster's ThesisJackie Rice
CPSC 6000HMaster's ThesisDaya Gaur
CPSC 6000IMaster's ThesisRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 6000JMaster's ThesisJohn Anvik
CPSC 7110AIntroduction to Algorithms in Facility LocationRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 7310AData MiningWendy Osborn
CSPT 5101AResearch Methodology/CSPT 7101Janice Newberry
CSPT 5101AResearch Methodology/CSPT 7101Steve Ferzacca
CSPT 5207ACulture and History/CSPT 7207Heidi MacDonald
CSPT 5301AQueering Feminism, Gender, and Power/CSPT 7301Kara Granzow
CSPT 5301AQueering Feminism, Gender, and Power/CSPT 7301Kara Granzow
CSPT 5303ACritical Theory/CSPT 7303Adam Carter
CSPT 5305APostmodernism/Poststructuralism/CSPT 7305Kimberly Mair
CSPT 5701AProfessional Skills SeminarKimberly Mair
CSPT 6000AMaster's ThesisJason Laurendeau
CSPT 6000BMaster's ThesisLinda Many Guns
CSPT 6000CMaster's ThesisKristine Alexander
CSPT 6000DMaster's ThesisCarol Williams
CSPT 6000EMaster's ThesisClaudia Malacrida
CSPT 6000FMaster's ThesisSuzanne Lenon
CSPT 6000GMaster's ThesisMichelle Helstein
CSPT 6000HMaster's ThesisRobert Wood
CSPT 6000IMaster's ThesisKara Granzow
CSPT 6000JMaster's ThesisSean Brayton
CSPT 6000KMaster's ThesisKimberly Mair
CSPT 6000LMaster's ThesisHenrie Beaulieu
CSPT 7701AProfessional Skills SeminarSheila McManus
CSPT 7990AStructuralism/FunctionalismJanice Newberry
CSPT 7990AStructuralism/FunctionalismIan MacLachlan
CSPT 7990AStructuralism/FunctionalismIvan Townshend
CSPT 8000ADoctoral ThesisLouise Barrett
CSPT 8000BDoctoral ThesisKimberly Mair
CSPT 8000CDoctoral ThesisClaudia Malacrida
CSPT 8000DDoctoral ThesisIvan Townshend
CSPT 8000EDoctoral ThesisCarly Adams
CSPT 8000FDoctoral ThesisGlenda Bonifacio
CSPT 8000GDoctoral ThesisLinda Many Guns
CSPT 8000HDoctoral ThesisMaura Hanrahan
CSPT 8000IDoctoral ThesisJason Laurendeau
CSPT 8000JDoctoral ThesisKevin McGeough
DRAM 5148AGraduate Studio IGail Hanrahan
DRAM 5150ATheatrical Genre and Dramatic AnalysisJustin Blum
DRAM 5850ADramaturgyJustin Blum
DRAM 6002AThesisGail Hanrahan
ECON 5010NMicroeconomic TheoryMd Kamar Ali
ECON 5012AMacroeconomic TheoryDuane Rockerbie
ECON 5960AEconometric Theory and ApplicationsKien Tran
ECON 6000AMaster's ThesisAlexander Darku
ECON 6000BMaster's ThesisKien Tran
ECON 6000CMaster's ThesisDuane Rockerbie
ECON 6000DMaster's ThesisRichard Mueller
ECON 6000EMaster's ThesisPascal Ghazalian
ECON 6000FMaster's ThesisStavroula Malla
EDUC 5200OLCurriculum Studies and Classroom PracticeJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 5200OLACurriculum Studies and Classroom PracticeAmy von Heyking
EDUC 5400OLThe Nature of Educational ResearchDanny Balderson
EDUC 5410AMixed Methods of ResearchJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 5500OLUnderstanding Professional Practice and Professional DevelopmentRichelle Marynowski
EDUC 5622ACounselling Psychology: Gender and Cultural IssuesNoella Piquette
EDUC 5622ACounselling Psychology: Gender and Cultural IssuesNoella Piquette
EDUC 5635XEducational Leadership Internship IPamela Adams
EDUC 5637XEducational Leadership Internship IIPamela Adams
EDUC 5704ACounselling Psychology: SkillsDanielle Brady
EDUC 5705ACounselling Psychology: TheorySandra Dixon
EDUC 5709XCounselling Psychology: Practicum IGary Tzu
EDUC 5709XACounselling Psychology: Practicum IMarcia Rich
EDUC 5712ACounselling Psychology: Research MethodsJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 5850OLPerceptions of (Dis)Ability and Difference in Curriculum and AssessmentKyle Robinson
EDUC 6001AProjectAmy von Heyking
EDUC 6012AThesisPamela Adams
EDUC 6012BThesisLeah Fowler
EDUC 6013AThesisPamela Adams
EDUC 6014AThesisMark Slomp
EDUC 6015AMaster's ThesisDavid Slomp
EDUC 6015BMaster's ThesisAmy von Heyking
EDUC 6023ACounselling Psychology: ThesisGary Tzu
EDUC 6024ACounselling Psychology: ThesisNoella Piquette
EDUC 6024BCounselling Psychology: ThesisKerry Bernes
EDUC 6024CCounselling Psychology: ThesisLeah Fowler
EDUC 7211AContemporary Issues in Learning, Teaching, and CurriculumErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 7211BContemporary Issues in Learning, Teaching, and CurriculumDanny Balderson
EDUC 7410ADoctoral Seminar OneRichard Butt
EDUC 7411ADoctoral Seminar TwoRichard Butt
EDUC 7551XAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 7551XAAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumPamela Adams
EDUC 7551XBAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumRichard Butt
EDUC 7551XCAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumLeah Fowler
EDUC 7551XDAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumBlythe Shepard
EDUC 7551XEAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 7551XFAdvanced Collaborative Research PracticumDanny Balderson
EDUC 8000ADoctoral ThesisCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 8000BDoctoral ThesisPamela Adams
EDUC 8000CDoctoral ThesisRichard Butt
EDUC 8000DDoctoral ThesisLeah Fowler
EDUC 8000EDoctoral ThesisBlythe Shepard
EDUC 8000FDoctoral ThesisErika Hasebe-Ludt
EDUC 8000GDoctoral ThesisDanny Balderson
ENGL 6000AMaster's ThesisDan O'Donnell
ENGL 6000BMaster's ThesisHeather Ladd
ENVS 6000AMaster's ThesisDan Johnson
ENVS 6000BMaster's ThesisJames Byrne
ENVS 6000CMaster's ThesisStewart Rood
ENVS 6000DMaster's ThesisLarry Flanagan
ENVS 6000EMaster's ThesisPhilip Bonnaventure
ESPS 8000BDoctoral ThesisJames Byrne
ESPS 8000CDoctoral ThesisChristopher Hopkinson
ESPS 8000DDoctoral ThesisMichael Gerken
ESPS 8000EDoctoral ThesisPaul Hazendonk
ESPS 8000FDoctoral ThesisHester Jiskoot
ESPS 8000GDoctoral ThesisMarc Roussel
ESPS 8000HDoctoral ThesisWei Xu
ESPS 8000IDoctoral ThesisRene Boere
ESPS 8000JDoctoral ThesisDerek Peddle
ESPS 8000KDoctoral ThesisBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
ESPS 8000LDoctoral ThesisCraig Coburn
ESPS 8000MDoctoral ThesisDavid Naylor
ESPS 8000NDoctoral ThesisPaul Hayes
ESPS 8000ODoctoral ThesisLaura Chasmer
ESPS 8000PDoctoral ThesisLocke Spencer
EVBH 8000ADoctoral ThesisTheresa Burg
EVBH 8000BDoctoral ThesisRobert Laird
EVBH 8000CDoctoral ThesisDrew Rendall
EVBH 8000CDoctoral ThesisDavid Logue
EVBH 8000DDoctoral ThesisPaul Vasey
EVBH 8000EDoctoral ThesisPeter Henzi
EVBH 8000FDoctoral ThesisRobert Williams
EVBH 8000GDoctoral ThesisLouise Barrett
EVBH 8000HDoctoral ThesisDavid Logue
EVBH 8000IDoctoral ThesisJean-Baptiste Leca
EVBH 8000JDoctoral ThesisFangfang Li
FREN 6000AMaster's ThesisBeth Gerwin
FREN 6000BMaster's ThesisAlain Takam
GEOG 5030AClimate Change: Science, Impacts, SolutionsJames Byrne
GEOG 5740AAdvanced Geographical Information SystemsStefan Kienzle
GEOG 6000AMaster's ThesisDerek Peddle
GEOG 6000BMaster's ThesisKarl Staenz
GEOG 6000CMaster's ThesisWei Xu
GEOG 6000DMaster's ThesisChristopher Hopkinson
GEOG 6000EMaster's ThesisIvan Townshend
GEOG 6000GMaster's ThesisStefan Kienzle
GEOG 6000HMaster's ThesisCraig Coburn
GEOG 6000IMaster's ThesisTom Johnston
GEOG 6000JMaster's ThesisPhilip Bonnaventure
HIST 5990AScotland, 1560 - 1640Christopher Burton
HIST 5990AScotland, 1560 - 1640Janay Nugent
HIST 6000AMaster's ThesisCarol Williams
HIST 6000BMaster's ThesisHeidi MacDonald
HIST 6000CMaster's ThesisAmy Shaw
HIST 6000DMaster's ThesisJanay Nugent
HIST 6000EMaster's ThesisChristopher Epplett
HIST 6000FMaster's ThesisLynn Kennedy
HIST 6000GMaster's ThesisKristine Alexander
HLSC 5100AResearch MethodsCheryl Currie
HLSC 5200APhilosophy of InquiryTrent Leighton
HLSC 6000AMaster's ThesisOlu Awosoga
HLSC 6000BMaster's ThesisDarren Christensen
HLSC 6000CMaster's ThesisCheryl Currie
HLSC 6000DMaster's ThesisJean Harrowing
HLSC 6000EMaster's ThesisBonnie Lee
HLSC 6000FMaster's ThesisMonique Sedgwick
HLSC 6000GMaster's ThesisSienna Caspar
HLSC 6000HMaster's ThesisBrenda Leung
HLSC 6000IMaster's ThesisClaudia Steinke
HLSC 6000JMaster's ThesisEm Pijl
HLSC 6000KMaster's ThesisJulia Brassolotto
HLSC 7990AConceptual Frameworks and Data AnalysisBonnie Lee
KNES 5901AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues ICarly Adams
KNES 5901AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5901AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues ICarly Adams
KNES 5901AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5902AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IICarly Adams
KNES 5902AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5902AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IICarly Adams
KNES 5902AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5903AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIICarly Adams
KNES 5903AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIIClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5903AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIICarly Adams
KNES 5903AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIIClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5904AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IVCarly Adams
KNES 5904AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IVClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5904AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IVCarly Adams
KNES 5904AInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IVClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 6000AMaster's ThesisJon Doan
KNES 6000BMaster's ThesisClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 6000CMaster's ThesisJennifer Copeland
KNES 6000DMaster's ThesisLuc Martin
KNES 6000EMaster's ThesisMarc Bomhof
KNES 6000FMaster's ThesisPaige Pope
MATH 5405AGeneral Abstract AlgebraDave Morris
MATH 5560AFunctions of a Complex VariableDave Morris
MATH 6000AMaster's ThesisAmir Akbary-Majdabadno
MATH 6000BMaster's ThesisHadi Kharaghani
MATH 6000CMaster's ThesisJoy Morris
MATH 6000DMaster's ThesisJohn Anvik
MATH 6000EMaster's ThesisNathan Ng
MATH 6000FMaster's ThesisHabiba Kadiri
MATH 7405AGeneral Abstract AlgebraDave Morris
MDST 6000AMaster's ThesisCheryl Currie
MDST 6000BMaster's ThesisGary Tzu
MDST 6000CMaster's ThesisDan O'Donnell
MDST 6000DMaster's ThesisAdriana Predoi-Cross
MDST 6000EMaster's ThesisCarol Williams
MDST 6000FMaster's ThesisSusan McDaniel
MDST 6000GMaster's ThesisMichelle Hogue
MDST 6000HMaster's ThesisJo-Anne Fiske
MDST 6000HMaster's ThesisBruce MacKay
MDST 6000IMaster's ThesisSteve Ferzacca
MDST 6000JMaster's ThesisClaudia Malacrida
MDST 6000KMaster's ThesisCarly Adams
MDST 6000LMaster's ThesisRobert Kossuth
MDST 6000MMaster's ThesisWilliam Ramp
MDST 6000OMaster's ThesisSean Brayton
MDST 6000PMaster's ThesisOmar Rodriguez
MDST 6000QMaster's ThesisHenrie Beaulieu
MDST 6000RMaster's ThesisInge Genee
MDST 6000SMaster's ThesisJackie Rice
MDST 6000TMaster's ThesisLocke Spencer
MGT 5100AOrientationShamsul Alam
MGT 5100YOrientationShamsul Alam
MGT 5110AManagement Field OverviewsKelly Williams-Whitt
MGT 5115AResearch WorkshopsShamsul Alam
MGT 5115YResearch WorkshopsShamsul Alam
MGT 5120AThinking by Design INathaniel Lupton
MGT 5120YThinking by Design INathaniel Lupton
MGT 5130AWays of KnowingSameer Deshpande
MGT 5130YWays of KnowingSameer Deshpande
MGT 5150AResearch Methods in ManagementBradley Olson
MGT 5150YResearch Methods in ManagementBradley Olson
MGT 5200AMajor Seminar I: AccountingSonya von Heyking
MGT 5200BMajor Seminar I: Human Resources and Labour RelationsKelly Williams-Whitt
MGT 5200CMajor Seminar I: Policy and StrategyMary Runte
MGT 5200DMajor Seminar I: MarketingTanya Drollinger
MGT 5200EMajor Seminar I: FinanceEbenezer Asem
MGT 5200FMajor Seminar I: International ManagementMahfooz Ansari
MGT 5200YBMajor Seminar I: Human Resources and Labour RelationsKelly Williams-Whitt
MGT 5200YCMajor Seminar I: Policy and StrategyBradley Olson
MGT 5200YDMajor Seminar I: MarketingTanya Drollinger
MGT 5200YGMajor Seminar I: International ManagementMahfooz Ansari
MGT 5300AMajor Seminar III: AccountingCarla Carnaghan
MGT 5300AMajor Seminar III: AccountingMurray Lindsay
MGT 6100AMaster's ThesisMahfooz Ansari
MGT 6100BMaster's ThesisKelly Williams-Whitt
MGT 6100CMaster's ThesisEbenezer Asem
MGT 6100DMaster's ThesisEbenezer Asem
MGT 6100EMaster's ThesisRobbin Derry
MGT 6100FMaster's ThesisMichael Basil
MGT 6100GMaster's ThesisCarla Carnaghan
MGT 6100GMaster's ThesisYutao Li
MGT 6100HMaster's ThesisMurray Lindsay
MGT 6100IMaster's ThesisRobbin Derry
MGT 6100JMaster's ThesisStuart Thomas
MGT 6100YAMaster's ThesisKatharine Howie
MGT 6100YBMaster's ThesisKelly Williams-Whitt
MGT 6100YCMaster's ThesisRobbin Derry
MGT 6100YCMaster's ThesisSameer Deshpande
MGT 6100YDMaster's ThesisRobbin Derry
MGT 6100YEMaster's ThesisMary Runte
NAS 6000AMaster's ThesisYale Belanger
NAS 6000BMaster's ThesisMichelle Hogue
NAS 6000CMaster's ThesisHenrie Beaulieu
NEUR 5901ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIan Whishaw
NEUR 5902ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIan Whishaw
NEUR 5903ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIIan Whishaw
NEUR 5904ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IVIan Whishaw
NEUR 6000AMaster's ThesisAndrew Iwaniuk
NEUR 6000BMaster's ThesisGerlinde Metz
NEUR 6000CMaster's ThesisRobbin Gibb
NEUR 6000DMaster's ThesisSergio Pellis
NEUR 6000EMaster's ThesisAaron Gruber
NEUR 6000FMaster's ThesisBruce McNaughton
NEUR 6000GMaster's ThesisMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 6000HMaster's ThesisClaudia Gonzalez
NEUR 6000IMaster's ThesisRobert McDonald
NEUR 6000JMaster's ThesisMasami Tatsuno
NEUR 6000KMaster's ThesisDavid Euston
NEUR 6000LMaster's ThesisMatthew Tata
NEUR 6000MMaster's ThesisRobert Sutherland
NEUR 6000NMaster's ThesisIan Whishaw
NEUR 6000OMaster's ThesisArtur Luczak
NEUR 6000PMaster's ThesisBryan Kolb
NEUR 7901ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIan Whishaw
NEUR 7902ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIan Whishaw
NEUR 7903ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IIIIan Whishaw
NEUR 7904ANeuroscience Research Dialogues IVIan Whishaw
NEUR 8000ADoctoral ThesisMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 8000BDoctoral ThesisArtur Luczak
NEUR 8000CDoctoral ThesisAaron Gruber
NEUR 8000DDoctoral ThesisGerlinde Metz
NEUR 8000EDoctoral ThesisBruce McNaughton
NEUR 8000FDoctoral ThesisRobert McDonald
NEUR 8000GDoctoral ThesisClaudia Gonzalez
NEUR 8000HDoctoral ThesisRobert Sutherland
NEUR 8000IDoctoral ThesisMatthew Tata
NEUR 8000JDoctoral ThesisDavid Euston
NEUR 8000KDoctoral ThesisBryan Kolb
NEUR 8000KDoctoral ThesisSergio Pellis
NEUR 8000LDoctoral ThesisRobbin Gibb
NEUR 8000MDoctoral ThesisBryan Kolb
NEUR 8000NDoctoral ThesisMasami Tatsuno
NEUR 8000ODoctoral ThesisAndrew Iwaniuk
NMED 5151ANew Media Theory and HistoryMary Kavanagh
NMED 6002CThesisDana Cooley
NMED 6002DThesisJames Graham
NURS 5100OLNursing Ethics, Policy, and PoliticsMonique Sedgwick
NURS 5110OLHealth Research: Critique, Synthesis, and ApplicationSharon Yanicki
NURS 5140OLPopulations and Places for Nursing PracticeLisa Howard
NURS 6001AThesisJean Harrowing
NURS 6001BThesisShannon Spenceley
NURS 6001CThesisMonique Sedgwick
PHIL 5000ANaturalized Moral EpistemologyMichael Stingl
PHIL 5000BPhilosophy of TimeKent Peacock
PHIL 6000AMaster's ThesisMichael Stingl
PHIL 6000BMaster's ThesisBryson Brown
PHIL 6000CMaster's ThesisKent Peacock
PHYS 55251PHYS 5225 Lab 1Behnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 55251PHYS 5225 Lab 1David Naylor
PHYS 55251PHYS 5225 Lab 1Steve Patitsas
PHYS 5525AExperimental Physics IIBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 5525AExperimental Physics IIDavid Naylor
PHYS 5525AExperimental Physics IISteve Patitsas
PHYS 6000AMaster's ThesisDavid Naylor
PHYS 6000BMaster's ThesisSaurya Das
PHYS 6000CMaster's ThesisMichael Gerken
PHYS 6000DMaster's ThesisArundhati Dasgupta
PHYS 6000EMaster's ThesisLocke Spencer
PHYS 6000FMaster's ThesisMark Walton
PHYS 6000GMaster's ThesisSteve Patitsas
PHYS 6000HMaster's ThesisKenneth Vos
PHYS 6000IMaster's ThesisBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 75251PHYS 7525 Lab 1Behnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 75251PHYS 7525 Lab 1David Naylor
PHYS 75251PHYS 7525 Lab 1Steve Patitsas
PHYS 7525AExperimental Physics IIBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 7525AExperimental Physics IIDavid Naylor
PHYS 7525AExperimental Physics IISteve Patitsas
POLI 6000AMaster's ThesisChristopher Kukucha
POLI 6000BMaster's ThesisPeter McCormick
POLI 6000CMaster's ThesisJohn von Heyking
POLI 6000DMaster's ThesisHarold Jansen
POLI 6000EMaster's ThesisYale Belanger
POLI 6000FMaster's ThesisAlan Siaroff
POSH 8000ADoctoral ThesisBrenda Leung
POSH 8000BDoctoral ThesisCheryl Currie
PSYC 6000AMaster's ThesisLouise Barrett
PSYC 6000BMaster's ThesisPeter Henzi
PSYC 6000CMaster's ThesisScott Allen
PSYC 6000DMaster's ThesisPaul Vasey
PSYC 6000EMaster's ThesisRobert Williams
PSYC 6000FMaster's ThesisJean-Baptiste Leca
PSYC 6000GMaster's ThesisJavid Sadr
PSYC 6000HMaster's ThesisJohn Vokey
PSYC 6000IMaster's ThesisFangfang Li
PSYC 6000JMaster's ThesisDavid Logue
RELS 6000AMaster's ThesisJohn Harding
RELS 6000BMaster's ThesisAtif Khalil
SOCI 6000AMaster's ThesisTrevor Harrison
SOCI 6000BMaster's ThesisKimberly Mair
SOCI 6000CMaster's ThesisReginald Bibby
SOCI 6000DMaster's ThesisClaudia Malacrida
SOCI 6000EMaster's ThesisWilliam Ramp
SOCI 6000GMaster's ThesisJason Laurendeau
SOCI 6000HMaster's ThesisSusan McDaniel
SOCI 6000IMaster's ThesisKara Granzow
SOCI 6000JMaster's ThesisTom Perks
TCSC 8000ADoctoral ThesisCheryl Currie
TCSC 8000BDoctoral ThesisDarren Christensen
TCSC 8000CDoctoral ThesisOlu Awosoga
TCSC 8000DDoctoral ThesisBradley Hagen
TCSC 8000EDoctoral ThesisHabiba Kadiri
TCSC 8000FDoctoral ThesisJean Harrowing
TCSC 8000GDoctoral ThesisSusan McDaniel
TCSC 8000HDoctoral ThesisStacey Wetmore
TCSC 8000IDoctoral ThesisDaya Gaur
TCSC 8000JDoctoral ThesisSaurya Das
TCSC 8000KDoctoral ThesisWei Xu
TCSC 8000LDoctoral ThesisRobert Benkoczi
TCSC 8000MDoctoral ThesisHua Li
TCSC 8000NDoctoral ThesisAbdie Kazemipur
TCSC 8000ODoctoral ThesisHadi Kharaghani
TCSC 8000PDoctoral ThesisJackie Rice
TCSC 8000QDoctoral ThesisNathan Ng
TCSC 8000RDoctoral ThesisYllias Chali
TCSC 8000SDoctoral ThesisHoward Cheng
TCSC 8000TDoctoral ThesisArundhati Dasgupta
TCSC 8000UDoctoral ThesisShahadat Hossain
UBRE 6000AMaster's ThesisWei Xu
UBRE 6000BMaster's ThesisIvan Townshend
WGST 6000AMaster's ThesisGlenda Bonifacio
WGST 6000BMaster's ThesisCarol Williams
WGST 6000CMaster's ThesisJo-Anne Fiske