For the final competition, four prizes will be awarded: First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and People’s Choice. First Place will be given to the competitor with the highest score in the final competition, while Second & Third Place will be given to the competitors with the next highest scores. The fourth prize will be awarded to the “People’s Choice” winner; each member of the audience will cast a vote for their favourite presentation, and the competitor with the greatest number of votes will be awarded the People’s Choice award.

All prizes will be given out immediately following the competition during the GSA “Meeting of the Minds” Conference opening wine & cheese reception to be held immediately following the competition.

Registered participants should review the 3MT Information Package for detailed information about the 2018 competition.

Prizes for Final Competition

Cash Prizes will be awarded. Amounts are to be announced.

All finalists: Trophies will also be awarded to competition winners.

First place: $1,250

Second place: $750

Third place: $500

People's Choice: $500

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