Knud Petersen

A veteran supporter of Pronghorn Athletics and the University of Lethbridge, Knud Petersen has done much to enrich the lives of many.

Knud Petersen has been a leader in fundraising activities for Pronghorn Athletics. A founding member of the Pronghorn Booster Club, Knud Petersen is actively involved in the club and has served as its President for six years.

Since its founding, the Booster Club has raised over $300,000, and Knud Petersen has been involved in every single fundraising event. He has been Casino Chair for every casino the Booster club has organized, coordinating volunteers and working late night shifts to help reduce the burden on the coaches and student athletes. Knud Petersen also founded the Pronghorn Dinner and Auction, and he continues to be involved in organizing and promoting this annual event. He is a tireless volunteer for Operation Red Nose, a major Pronghorn fundraiser, doing pre-campaign groundwork, securing sponsors, and acting as an on-call driver. His enthusiasm, energy, and generosity for the University of Lethbridge athletics program are truly unmatched.

In 2003, Knud Petersen was honoured with the Pronghorn Athletics Gary Bowie Leadership Award, and the University of Lethbridge is proud to add to theis achievement and recognize his distinguished volunteer service by awarding him the 2006 Senate Volunteer Award.