Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is appointed by, and has responsibility to the Board of Governors of The University of Lethbridge to oversee and enhance Board organization, procedures and performance by assessing governance practices and policies. The committee develops recommendations for policy and action by the Board that is consistent with University policies, principles and strategic plan. For further information you can access the complete Terms of Reference and Meeting Schedule.


Jennifer Harker Committee Chair
Kurt Schlachter Board Chair
Mike Mahon University President and Vice-Chancellor
Brendan Cummins Board Member
Hailey Babb Board Member
Heidi MacDonald Board Member
Janay Nugent Board Member
Ron Scrimshaw Board Member
Shilpa Stocker Board Member
Tanya Pace-Crosschild Board Member
Jodie Gallais Director, University Secretariat - Non-voting
Andrew Hakin Provost & Vice-President (Academic) - Non-voting
Nancy Walker Vice-President (Finance & Administration) - Non-voting