Dean of Faculty of Management Appointment Committee

The Dean of Faculty of Management Appointment Committee is now active.

The Appointment Committee membership is:

Committee Chair

Andrew Hakin, Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

President or Designate

Chris Horbachewski

One (1) Dean of another Faculty or School, chosen by Deans’ Council

Chris Nicol

Four (4) Academic Staff members, elected by the Faculty Council

Dan Kazakoff
Mahfooz Ansari
Brad Olson
Ben Asem

Two (2) students, allocated between undergraduate and graduate in a joint decision of the Students’ Union and the Graduate Students’ Association; in the case of no mutual agreement the allocation shall be determined by the Committee Chair

SU – Royal Adkin

GSA – Iso Ogumbor

One (1) Academic Staff Member who holds an appointment in the Faculty, appointed by ULFA

Mary Runte

One (1) person, elected from among the University APO’s or Exempt Support Staff classification or AUPE or an Executive Director

Mary Kay