Medicine Rock

The Blackfoot Name Given to The University of Lethbridge by Blackfoot Elder Bruce Wolf Child at the 35th Anniversary Founders' Day celebration.

January 17, 2002


This is the story of 'Medicine Rock':

In the olden days, a group of Blackfoot people were travelling across the river and saw a red rock. A young boy was watching the rock when he saw it turn into an old man. The boy told the Elders what he had seen and they told him to run over and look. But when the boy reached the rock, he saw that it was ust a rock.

That night, the rock came to the boy in a dream and told him, "The rock that you see is me. I am the rock". Years later, the people from the tribe told others about the rock. Everyone came looking for it, but it was nowhere to be found. The rock had disappeared.

Now we know where the rock has gone. It has moved across the river. The rock is here--it is The University of Lethbridge. Anyone who comes to study here can be wise and solid like the rock. That is why The University of Lethbridge has been named 'Medicine Rock."