Counselling and Community Support

U of L Counseling Services 403-317-2845

Lethbridge Family Services 403-327-5724

Native Counseling Services of Alberta 403-329-6140

Associates Counselling Services

Community Conflict Resolution Services 403-329-0220

Medicine Tree Center 403-328-2414

Metis Nation of Alberta 403-328-7823

Opokaasin Early Intervention Society 403-380-2569

Sexual Health Center 403-320-0110

Lethbridge Community Network 403-317-7799

Gay and Lesbian Peer Support 403-308-2893

Urban Aboriginal Mental Health 403-388-6694

Landlord and Tenant Information 1-877-427-4088

Nation Allegation and Complaint Inquiries 780-495-2830

LA Transit 403-320-3885