NEW New Media Course: Social Media and Your Digital Identity

November 15, 2012


Social Media is more than Twitter fights and competitive Farmville.  Learn what you can do to clean up your digital imprint and help you stand out post-school.  Using exercises and case studies, we will cover the necessary steps toward building an effective pitch package, learn to cultivate professional connections, and develop a comprehensive digital strategy toward achieving success.

We will also look at how social media technologies are pushing privacy laws into uncharted territory and explore what various stakeholders consider acceptable and unethical behaviour.

Session: Spring 2013
Course: NMED 2850 A “Social Media and Your Digital Identity”
Instructor: Ryan Harper-Brown
Tue/Thu 10:50 – 12:05
Open to all students with second-year standing.

For more information, contact:

Ryan Harper-Brown

Department of New Media

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