Summer 2017 New Media Course Descriptions

New Media 2000

Interactive Technology: Web Essentials

An introduction to website authorship through the use of current content management systems and online platforms.

No prerequisites

NOTE: Credit is not allowed for New Media 2000 - Interactive Technology: Web Essentials subsequent to completion of New Media 3520.

New Media 2850 – Social Media and Your Digital Identity

This course gets students to create and polish a cohesive online professional presence for their future careers or creative goals.

Prerequisite: Second-year standing (a minimum of 30.0 credit hours)

Note: Not counted in the core New Media courses in the BFA (New Media) program

New Media 3850 – Design Thinking and Creativity

This course involves the practical application of design theory and philosophy. Students are required to scrutinize such everyday concepts as “creativity,” “innovation,” and “design” by applying factual analysis and logical reasoning to real-world examples. Reinvigorating their own creative talents, students are directed towards ways of developing professional practices to be both socially responsible and personally passionate.

Prerequisites: NMED 2040 OR 45.0 credit hours