Spring 2017 New Media Course Descriptions

Spring 2017 New Media Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions that do not appear in the Calendar.

NMED 2000 A – Interactive Technology: Web Essentials

Interactive Technology: Web Essentials is a studio course that provides an introduction to website design and authorship. Topics include user interface and user experience design as well as the implementation of website concepts through popular content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla.

NOTE: Credit is not allowed for New Media 2000 - Interactive Technology: Web Essentials subsequent to completion of New Media 3520.

NMED 3850 A – Contemporary American Cinema

An overview of contemporary American filmmaking, including such prevalent forms as Hollywood, “indie” narrative, documentary, and amateur practices.

This course is open to all majors.

PREREQUISITE(S): 15 university-level courses (a minimum of 45.0 credit hours)

NMED 3850 B – Mobile Application Development

An introduction to the design and development of cross-platform mobile applications that incorporate mobile device features like photo capture, geolocation, and the accelerometer.



NMED 3850 C – Concept Art and Storyboarding

An examination of the evolution of concept & storyboarding as narrative communication tools, and how the concept artist has evolved into the prime visualizing force behind today’s gaming and cinematic models.


NMED 4850 A – Data Visualization

As an exploration of graphic design principles applied to the visualization of data, this studio course includes historical, technical, and conceptual approaches.


NMED 4850 N – Video Game Production

An introduction to pre-production and production methods for creating video games. Students will gain an understanding of the video game production pipeline by participating as contributing members of a production team, producing a not-for-profit game.

PREREQUISITE(S): NMED 3850 – Creative Foundations for Game Development