Fall 2016 New Media Course Descriptions

Department of New Media - Fall 2016

Course Descriptions that do not appear in the Calendar

New Media 3200 – Film Genres: Film Noir

An attempt to formulate a working definition of film noir and its distinctive features, the course situates this particular brand of crime thriller with the various historical moments in which it is most prominent. Topics considered include noir’s recurring stylistic and thematic conceits, genre theory, the construction of gender, the representation of urban space, the influence of hard-boiled literature, and the political tensions that give rise to noir’s narrative preoccupations.

Prerequisite: 15 university-level courses (a minimum of 45.0 credit hours)

Recommended background: Drama 3030 (Film Studies)

New Media 3200 – Film Genres: Comedy

Comedy has long been the most popular film genre with audiences. This course will try to understand the comic perspective and explore the world of comedy, and many different aspects pertaining to it, through examples from film and television.

Prerequisite: 15 university-level courses (a minimum of 45.0 credit hours)

New Media 3850 – Creative Foundations for Game Development

The first half of this course will introduce students to the Unreal Engine 4 game development software and production workflow. Students will then form small development teams whose focus will be to design and produce creative, non-traditional interactive products using the software tools available. Creativity, artistry, ingenuity, teamwork and quality-of-effort are all essential components of this course.

Prerequisites: New Media 3310