Facilities & Equipment

The University of Lethbridge offers state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for the production of 3D models and environments, image processing, music, video production and editing, compositing and special effects, animation, web design and DVD production. The Asper Centre for New Media, Vicon Motion Capture Lab, Audio Research Lab (Recording Studio) allows advanced students to work with high-end systems in music, 3D modeling and video.

Labs information
New Media students have access to a variety of labs, classrooms and work areas. For detailed information about labs, including location, hardware and software specifications, hours of operation and availability, visit: www.uleth.ca/it/labs


  • Vicon Motion Capture Lab - The U of L is one of only a few post-secondary institutions in Canada equipped with a Vicon Motion Capture system. Students interested in character animation and modeling have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the motion capture system and data clean-up. Some students may have an opportunity to work on research projects or special projects with faculty members. The system is not available for independent student projects.
  • Audio Research Lab - This facility is a joint venture of the Departments of Music and New Media. The labs are used for electronic music compositions, sound and voice recording.
  • Asper Centre for New Media - Located in W700, this facility is comprised of multiple labs and workspaces.
  • Apple Mac Computer Labs - Located in B516 and B775, beside the B5 Computer Labs, these labs are equipped with both PC and Mac operating systems. Both are used by art, music and education students. When classes are not in session, these labs are open for static image processing, video editing, or audio recording and manipulation. The Mac lab (B775) is also a useful location for video editing.
  • B5 Computer Labs - Located in B519 and B520, are the main New Media teaching spaces. Because these labs are intended for processor-intensive or specialized tasks relating to New Media, these facilities contain specialized hardware and software not available in other labs on campus. When classes are not in session these facilities are open for student use. Those who are using the lab for word processing and other simple computing needs should, however, use other labs.
  • Video, Lighting & Blue Screen Studio- Located in W426, this studio houses lighting equipment and a blue-screen for compositing work. Students wishing to use the studio for class and independent projects must obtain access through their instructor or the Department Chair.