Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2017.

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CINE 1000NIntroduction to Cinema StudiesAaron Taylor
CINE 3000AContemporary American CinemaBlake Evernden
CINE 3110APostproduction and Visual EffectsBryn Hewko
CINE 3810AExpanded CinemaDana Cooley
NMED 1000AIntroduction to New MediaLance Chong
NMED 1000BIntroduction to New MediaLance Chong
NMED 1000CIntroduction to New MediaLance Chong
NMED 2000AInteractive Technology: Web EssentialsChristine Clark
NMED 2005ADesign Fundamentals for New MediaLeanne Elias
NMED 2005YDesign Fundamentals for New MediaMarta Timmer
NMED 2010AVisual Communications for New MediaDaniela Sirbu
NMED 2010BVisual Communications for New MediaDaniela Sirbu
NMED 2015ADigital Drawing and AnimationLeanne Elias
NMED 2030ADigital Video ProductionBlake Evernden
NMED 2030BDigital Video ProductionBlake Evernden
NMED 2900ASocial Media and Digital IdentityRyan Harper
NMED 3150ASeminar in New Media StudiesDavid Clearwater
NMED 3150BSeminar in New Media StudiesDavid Clearwater
NMED 3150YSeminar in New Media StudiesJames Wade
NMED 3310NGame Design: Theory and PracticeJames Graham
NMED 3420ANarrative for New MediaBob Cousins
NMED 3420BNarrative for New MediaBob Cousins
NMED 3560APopular NarrativeAaron Taylor
NMED 3640ACharacter Animation IDaniela Sirbu
NMED 3680AInteraction DesignDana Cooley
NMED 3680BInteraction DesignDana Cooley
NMED 3720AThe Dynamic WebChristine Clark
NMED 3850BMobile Application DevelopmentChristine Clark
NMED 3900APortfolio and Professional PracticeRyan Harper
NMED 4651XInternshipRyan Harper
NMED 4690AAdvanced StudioA William Smith
NMED 4710NVideo Game ProductionJames Graham
NMED 4830ATheory and Practice of Motion CaptureA William Smith
NMED 4990AConcept ArtBlake Evernden
NMED 4990BWriting a Serialized Podcast NarrativeBob Cousins
NMED 4995XUndergraduate ThesisA William Smith
NMED 5149AGraduate Studio IIDaniela Sirbu
NMED 5720ANo TitleChristine Clark
NMED 6002AThesisJames Graham
NMED 6002BThesisDana Cooley
NMED 6002CThesisDaniela Sirbu
NMED 6002DThesisRyan Harper