Summer 2017 Music Course Descriptions

Music 3200 - History of Rock & Roll: 1968-1990

This course is meant to be a follow‑up course to the History of Rock Music (1948‑1969). It will cover the fragmentation of rock 'n' roll styles through the seventies and eighties, beginning with the trends of the late sixties, through the mass marketing of the early seventies and ending with the technological boom that characterized much of eighties rock and roll.

Prerequisite: 15 university-level courses (a minimum of 45.0 credit hours) - as per calendar

NOTE: Not counted in the 16-course Arts & Science major or the core courses in the B.Mus. degree.

NOTE: Students with credit in Music 2850 (History of Rock & Roll), 2850 (3850) (Popular Music in the 20th Century) or 3010 cannot receive credit for the same offering in the Music 3200 series.

NOTE: Credit is not allowed for MUSI 3200 – History of Rock and Roll, and either of MUSI 3200 - History of Rock and Roll: 1948-1970 or MUSI 3200 – History of Rock and Roll: 1968-1990.