Summer 2016 Music Course Descriptions

Department of Music - Summer 2016

Course Descriptions that do not appear in the Calendar

Music 3200 - History of Rock ‘n Roll: 1948-1970

This course is designed to give the student a historical overview of the development of rock ‘n roll from its roots up until the end of the 60’s. This will be presented in a chronological manner, beginning with a brief overview of rock ‘n roll’s ancestors and influences. It will go on to study the musical and cultural melting pot of the 1950’s, followed by the effects of the British Invasion of the 60’s. A discussion of developments occurring in North America following the British Invasion will be the culminating point of this class.

Prerequisite: 15 university-level courses (a minimum of 45.0 credit hours)

NOTE: Not counted in the 16-course Arts and Science Music major or the core courses in the B.Mus. degree.

NOTE: Students with credit in Music 2850 (History of Rock ‘n Roll), 2850 (3850) (Popular Music in the 20th Century) or 3010 cannot receive credit for the same offering in the Music 3200 series.

Music 3850 – Music Therapy

This course provides an introduction to the therapeutic use of music to address the clinical needs of children and adults with a range of disabling conditions. Topics of study will include the history of music therapy, theoretical foundations (how do we perceive music and why does it affect us the way it does?) and current models of clinical practice in psychiatric, educational and medical settings. Lectures will be supported by experiential activities. No musical background is required.

Prerequisite: Second-year standing (a minimum of 30.0 credit hours)