Recital Programs Online How-To

Steps to create your recital program. There is a $15 per person fee for 120 programs (Graduation Programs exempt). Please see Music Adminstrative Support in W660 for payment instructions.

A) Collect your information.

Collect this information for the program.

  1. Front page
    • Type of recital (ie Junior or Graduation).
    • Names of participants and their instrument.
    • Names of accompanists and their instrument.
    • Name of faculty member with whom you study
  2. Body
    • List pieces being played and include:
      • Composer.
      • Composer's year of birth/death.
      • Movements (if any).
    • Who is performing the piece and their instrument.
    • Program notes.
  3. Optionally (depends on recital details)
    • translations

B) What will it look like.

1. Size: 8.5 inches x 14 landscape.

Note: you need MS Word to open and use this document. If you don't have it at home, you can use computers in student labs.

Here is an example of what your program should look like. (You can be more creative if you choose -- just so long as the required information is included.)

Recital Program Template

Translations Template


If you need additional help with how to format your program a cheat sheet has been created.

Recital Program Cheat Sheet


C) Send your program to the Music Department to be printed

Note: programs must be submitted two full weeks before the performance date.

  1. Email to:
  2. Enter "Recital Program" as the subject of the email
  3. Attach the document you created using the Recital Program Template.
  4. Attach the document you created using the Translations Template.
  5. Double check and make sure that all pertinent information is included and correct. If errors are found, your email will be returned, you will need to fix the errors, and resend the document before your program will be printed out.
  6. Send the email

D) Program Corrections

  1. Once the department has recieved your program Upcoming Events will be added, and any minor changes will be made, if any are required.
  2. A draft copy will be printed for you to pick up in W660. (an e-mail will be sent when the draft is ready)
  3. Mark corrections on the program, have your instructor look at it, and return to W660. If needed, a second draft will be provided for your instructor sign-off on before being sent to printing.
  4. Copies are only produced after the photocopy fees have been paid (Junior Recitals Only)