Music Education

Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education

Develop as a musician and music specialist in the contemporary classroom. The combined degrees take five years to complete and you graduate with two degrees. Your BMus covers the subject you want to teach, while at the heart of the Education degree (BEd) are three professional semesters, which provide practical experience through supervised placements in schools.

In this performance-intensive learning experience, you receive one-on-one instruction from high-calibre performing musicians, attend numerous guest master classes and have performance opportunities throughout the year.

All music students share common courses in music history, music theory and musicianship skills. Junior and graduation recitals showcase your development and accomplishments as a growing musician. Your experience is enhanced by participation in ensembles and chamber music groups, and access to individual practice studios which provide the freedom to practice on campus with 24-hour access.

Ensemble Opportunities

  • Collaborative Piano/Guitar
  • Global Drums Percussions Ensemble
  • Integra Contemporary & Electroacoustic Ensemble
  • Jazz Ensemble and jazz combos
  • Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra
  • Opera Workshop
  • University Singers
  • University Wind Orchestra
  • Women’s Chorus

Facilities & Spaces

  • Newly renovated Recital Hall with state-of-the-art acoustics
  • University Theatre - 450-seat proscenium theatre
  • Studio One – world-class recording studio
  • Studio Two – spatial audio research lab
  • Music technology lab & audio editing suites
  • Individual practice rooms
  • 2 Steinway concert grand pianos & 50 rehearsal pianos
  • Professional audio gear loan centre


“I chose the U of L because it is a top rated university in the field of education and undergraduate degrees. I’ve had amazing opportunities and experiences, all of which have helped shape my talents and enjoyment of music. Being able to perform on a frequent basis has given me the drive to work harder and smarter.”
- Daniel Yaretz



The Post-Diploma Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education Combined Degrees program offers students the opportunity to complete a degree in Music and in Education. Students begin the program in the Faculty of Fine Arts. For the BFA (Art) portion, students with approved 2-year or 3-year diploma complete a minimum of 15 courses, including a minimum of 8 in Music. The diploma is recognized as a block of transfer and each program is individually tailored based on the content of the diploma. After completion of their first year, students apply to the Faculty of Education where they will complete a minimum of 20 courses toward the BEd portion.

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Education Requirements

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Education Requirements

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