Spring 2016 Dramatic Arts Course Descriptions

Department of Theatre & Dramatic Arts - Spring 2016

Course Descriptions that do not appear in the Calendar

Drama 2850 (2740) – Theatre Creation I

An overview of diverse approaches to theatre creation, with an emphasis on artistic impulse and group collaboration.

Prerequisite: Drama 1000 and 2010

Drama 3341 (3342) – Movement II

Intensive study of movement skills and physical expression for performance in theatrical work.

Corequisite: Drama 3310

Drama 3821 – Rendering

Exploration of traditional and digital design visualization techniques and processes to develop effective tangible communication methods for designers and technicians.

Prerequisites: Drama 2810

Drama 3821 – Draping Techniques and Sustainability

An introduction to basic draping techniques and the exploration of materials for costume construction.

Prerequisites: Drama 2810 and basic sewing experience

Drama 3845 – Costume Design

An introduction to the process, skills, concepts and working methods used in theatrical costume design. Emphasis is placed on script analysis, visualization, conceptualization and working within the collaborative team.

Prerequisites: Drama 2100 & Drama 2825 (as per calendar)

Drama 3850 (3765) – New Play Workshop

An investigation of principles and techniques used in play development.

Prerequisites: Drama 2100, 2310 and Drama 2420

Drama 4850 (4310) – Acting III

The application of actor processes, with an emphasis on the performance of diverse texts.

Prerequisite(s): Drama 3310