Fall 2018 Drama Course Descriptions

Drama 3821 A - Scenic Construction

This course explores the construction and installation of scenic designs. Students enrolled in this course will learn to cost shows, build them and install them in both mock settings as well as real scenarios. 

Prerequisite: Drama 2810


Drama 3845 A - Scenic Design for Theatre

This course will explore world scenic design within the context of the history of design for the stage. Students in this course will encounter several different scripts, each with its own challenges, and will be given opportunities to run through a full design, starting with preliminary drawings and working through to final models and renderings. 

Prerequisites: Drama 2100 and 3827


Drama 3850 – Early 20th Century Avant-Garde Performance

This course examines the performance traditions of a variety of early 20th-century avant-garde art movements, including Symbolism, Expressionism, Cubism, and others. Coursework will include analysis and discussion of visual art, playscripts, and performance documentation; students will also use their analytical work to prepare design concepts for contemporary restagings of these historical performances. Select designs will feature as part of a Drama Department MainStage show in Spring 2019; while participation in this show is not required for the course in Fall 2018, priority for participation in both technical and performance capacities will be given to students who complete the course

Prerequisites: Drama 2130 or third-year standing.