Fall 2017 Drama Course Descriptions

Drama 3821 - Scene Painting

An introduction to the techniques, materials and methods used in theatrical scene painting.

Prerequisites: Drama 2810, Art 2002, or Art 3022

Recommended background: Drama 2825

Drama 3821 – Costume Construction

An introduction to the materials, equipment, skills and methods commonly used in theatrical costume construction. The course utilizes a hands on format to develop a thorough knowledge of sewing skills and alteration of patterns or garments. Students will work on a combination of contemporary and period construction techniques.

Prerequisites: Drama 2810 or previous sewing experience.

Drama 3845 – Lighting Design

Interpretation, visualization and conceptualization of theatre design, concentrating on one area: Lighting.

Prerequisites: Drama 2100 and Drama 2825 (as per calendar)

Drama 3850 – Dramaturgy

A study of research and criticism as tools within the theatrical production process. The course will explore the role of the Dramaturg as a distinct theatrical artist, as well as the utility of dramaturgical skills like historical research and critical writing for directors, designers, playwrights, actors, and other members of a theatre company.

Prerequisite: Drama 2130