Fall 2016 Drama Course Descriptions

Department of Theatre & Dramatic Arts - Fall 2016

Course Descriptions that do not appear in the Calendar

Drama 3821 – Mask Making

An exploration into how masks have historically, culturally and stylistically been used combined with an introduction to the basic concepts, methods, materials and skills of mask making, with emphasis on practical theatrical masks.

Prerequisites: 15 university-level courses (a minimum of 45.0 credit hours) and completion of one course in Art, Drama, Music or New Media.

Recommended background: DRAM 2810

Drama 3845 – Scenic Design

Furthering the development of the design process as it relates to Scenic Design. The exploration of the process will be studied through assignments examining methods and procedures used by the Scenic Designer.

Prerequisites: Drama 2100 and Drama 3827

Drama 4850 – Advanced Scenic Techniques

Further examination of theatrical techniques and procedures shared by both the scenic designer and the scenic technician. The course will include a series of projects related to model-making, properties, set dressing and scenic painting.

Prerequisites: Drama 3827