About the Drama Department


We offer a solid undergraduate education in drama and theatre, with faculty, staff and facilities that rival many graduate programs. At any one time almost 200 students are pursuing a drama degree; despite that, most drama students get to know each other and consider the U of L drama department a real community, cherishing the friendly and congenial atmosphere that exists among faculty, staff, and students. At the U of L opportunities abound, and the support provided by fellow students, faculty and staff enable each student to take the personal and creative risks necessary to advance in the art and craft of theatre.

My time at the University of Lethbridge has had a profound effect on who I am as a performer and has equipped me with the skills needed to work consistently in theatre, as well as film and television. The opportunities to grow as a performer are truly limitless, and you get out of the program exactly what you put in. The professors built a comfortable, personal environment where you can be your best, and not be afraid to take risks. Simply put, the my BFA in Theatre and Dramatic Arts degree have me the essential confidence needed to succeed in this career.”

- Adam Beauchesne BFA '09 ~ Vancouver-based freelance actor