Combined Degrees BFA (New Media)/BMgt Degrees

New Combined Degrees Programs Offered in Fall 2012
Bachelor of Fine Arts (New Media)/ Bachelor of Management (General Management) 

Offered starting this Fall, the new combined BFA (New Media)/BMgt degrees is one of very few degree programs in Canada to blend new media and management. These new Combined Degrees expand options available to undergraduate students, bridge the gap between the fine arts and management disciplines, and prepare graduates to use new media to maximum effect within an organization or provide strong knowledge about how to manage innovation and entrepreneurship.

This new option, with limited seats, combines new media, film and video production, art, drama and music with organizational behavior, informational technology, accounting, marketing, management policy, and human resources management.

Admission to BFA (New Media)/BMgt

Admission to the BFA (New Media) degree program has a Portfolio and Questionnaire requirement (Step 3 in Admission Process)

Step-by-Step Admission Process

Program Planning 

Review the suggested sequencing plan for this new combined degrees program.

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Questions and Contacts 

Faculty of Fine Arts 
Admission & Portfolio Advisor
(403) 380-1864 

Faculty of Management
(403) 329-2153