Step by Step New Media Admissions Process

Download the brochure here.

STEP 1 - University Application

Apply online at

Fall Semester deadlines
Extra Scholarships: December 15
Early Admission: March 1
Fall Deadline: June 30

Spring Semester deadline: November 1

Note: Off-shore International applicants must apply by May 15 for Fall Admission or by September 15 for Spring Admission.

Tip: Don’t wait until the deadline – the earlier you apply, submit all documents, and portfolio, the sooner you will know whether you are accepted. Your application cannot be processed by the Registrar’s Office until your portfolio, if necessary, is received.

STEP 2 - University Requirements

Fall Semester documents deadline: July 15
Spring Semester documents deadline: November 15

Transcripts must be forwarded directly to the U of L from all high schools and post-secondary institutions you have attended. If you are still enrolled in classes, submitting interim transcripts may lead to early admission. It is in your best interest to arrange for interim transcripts to be sent immediately and final transcripts to be sent after you receive your final grades.

If English is not your first language you will be required to meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement.

High School requirements: To qualify, applicants must have a combined average of 65% in English 30-1 (or equivalent), three 30 level academic classes (or equivalent) and a fifth academic or non-academic course.

Transfer students must have a 2.0 GPA.
Post-Diploma students must have a 2.5 GPA.

STEP 3 - New Media Requirements

The Department of New Media encourages those who may not have a background in the creative arts, or access to the necessary technology, are also encouraged to apply. To be considered for BFA (New Media) applicants must submit both a Portfolio and Summary Questionnaire.

Fall Semester documents deadline:
July 15
Spring Semester documents deadline: November 15

I. Portfolio Content

Please submit samples of your work (minimum of 10 and maximum of 25) from any or all of these areas: new media, art, drama, and music. Note: Applicants are not required to submit works from more than one area, but they may choose to do so.

  • Art: Includes, but is not limited to, photographs, sculptures, paintings, drawings, printmaking, and ceramics.

  • Theatre/Drama: Collection of images (reviews, photos, programs), video or audio tapes - do not send originals.

  • Music: Audio or video of your performances or copies of your compositions.

  • New Media: Includes, but is not limited to, computer genterated still images, moving images (video or animation) and web designs.

Note: Applicants may use a video camera to document artwork -- paintings, drawings, sculpture. It is strongly recommended that you do not send original video or audiotape of performance.

Image/Media List

The portfolio must include a list of all images and/or media submitted, with titles, materials, dimensions, dates, and descriptions, along with the applicant's name and contact information.  This information can be included in the description boxes on

Essay (Optional)

  • Applicants without access to the necessary technology may submit an essay in place of a portfolio. The essay should discuss or explain your definition of new media and its importance to your professional development. Length: approx. 750 words / 3 typed pages double-spaced. Be sure to include your name and contact information.

II. Questionnaire

For each of the following questions, you should provide a 100 to 250 word answer in essay form (not a bulleted list). Be sure to proofread your written answers for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. 

  • Past: What aspects of your background prepare you for a university New Media degree program with a creative focus?

  • Present: The BFA (New Media) program requires an extraordinary commitment of time and energy. Explain why you feel you are prepared to make this commitment at this time in your life.

  • Future: What do you hope to learn from our New Media degree program?


Online Portfolio Submissions:

Upload and Submit Your Portfolio Online at
For your convenience you can now submit your portfolio online. However, before you submit a portfolio, be sure to have completed your application for admission to the University via
You have until July 15 (Fall) or November 15 (Spring) to submit your portfolio and/or other required documents.  You may upload images (jpg), video (mov, wmv, flv), music (mp3) and one PDF document file with a maximum 6 pages.  Students may now link files directly from Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud. 
For best image quality and fast upload, image files should be about 1024 x 768px @ 72 dpi. Please keep video files under 60MB and limited to 2 - 3 minute clips. Our SlideRoom portal offers additional instruction for submitting your work.  For technical assistance, contact
At SlideRoom you can login and edit your portfolio as often as you like; however, once you have submitted it, no changes can be made. A $5 to $10 USD fee is charged at the time of submission.



Erin Kennett, Admission and Portfolio Advisor
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lethbridge
Office: W670 (University Centre for the Arts)
Phone: (403) 380-1864
Fax: (403) 382-7127