Music at Noon - Tim Brady, composer/electric guitar (Montreal)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 12:15pm
Event Location: 
Recital Hall (W570)

Acclaimed new music composer and electric guitar virtuoso

TIM BRADY tours North America – Sept. & Oct.

Tour supporting CD release of “24 Frames”

Music for electric guitar, electronics and video

"...electric guitarist Tim Brady used extensive technology to become exuberant one-man ensembles, each accompanied by video projections." - New York Times

 “Brady has a distinctive musical language and he can enchant us with his expertise both as a guitarist and a composer.” – Fanfare Magazine

 “24 Frames: Brady’s most ambitious project to date.” – Downbeat Magazine

"Brady's 13 excerpts from his recent work 24 Frames sometimes sounded like a cluster of guitarists, but there was only one on stage - the composer, who is also a monster soloist. His nimble-fingered virtuosity was a big part of these systematic adventures for electric guitar, with and without digital delays, unusual tunings and video imagery.” – Globe and Mail


Since 1989 Tim Brady has been radically redefining the electric guitar. Refusing to accept the genre limits of rock, blues or jazz, he has create a bold new music which combines the technical prowess, power and sonic diversity of the electric guitar with the intensity and compositional subtlety of contemporary classical music.

He has worked with major symphony orchestras in his native Canada, written operas with electric guitar, premiered electric guitar concertos, toured the world as a soloist, created bold new multi-media works, all the while creating innovative music that reaches beyond the tired old question “What kind of music is it anyway?”   It’s music for the 21st century.

Photo: Tim Brady - "Solo Live" 2007

Tim Brady – “24 Frames” – North America TOUR DATES – Fall 2012

Sept. 20 • Roulette – Interpretations Series – New York, NY

Sept. 22 • Atlas Theater – Washington, DC

Sept. 23 • Delaware Centre for the Contemporary Arts – Wilmington, DE

Sept. 25 • An Die Musik Live – Baltimore, MD

Sept. 26 • Real Art Ways – Hartford, CT

Oct. 14 • Rachel Browne Theatre – Winnipeg, MB

Oct. 16 • University of Lethbridge – Lethbridge, AB

Oct. 23 • New Works Calgary – Calgary, AB ( includes a performance of Brady’s work“20 Quarter Inch Jacks”( for 20 electric guitars)

Oct. 25 • University of Saskatchewan – Saskatoon, SK

Oct. 26 • Neutral Ground – Regina, SK

This tour is produced by Bradyworks and is funded in part by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.