Digital Audio Arts Admission

Digital Audio Arts Admission

The Bachelor of Music degree in Digital Audio Arts couples demanding academic courses with rigorous hands-on training for a career in the digital arts such as: audio production, composition (film and electronic), sound engineering, and advanced audio synthesis, multi-media sound design, software design for music applications, technology in education and graduate research (audio, digital archiving, neurosciences, physics, computer and related humanities and social sciences opportunities).

It is recommended that students wishing to apply to this program have strong computer skills and a background in music, either high school Music 12 or private instruction.

Note: The Bachelor of Music in Digital Audio Arts will be implemented over four years.

Portfolio & Essay Requirements

Fall Semester: July 15
Note: Digital Audio Arts does not accept students during the spring semester.


A minimum of 600 word essay, which describes:
  • Reasons for choosing this DAA program
  • Areas of interest in DAA (production, film, broadcast, composition and/or computer music)
  • Any other information that you deem relevant including: experiences in this area of study and music theory background


Applicants must submit 3 to 5 examples of audio recordings. Submissions may be acoustic or electronic, and may or may not be original compositions. Submissions of videos in QuickTime and other digital imagery are also acceptable.

Suggested Portfolio Projects

  • Music Production - a piece of music from any genre produced and recorded by you.
  • Audio for Film - remove the sound from a scene in a movie or video and reproduce all dialogue, sound effects and scores.
  • Soundscape - create an experimental piece by layering sounds produced either electronically or acoustically.
  • Sonic Art – create an experimental work by exploring the aural domains of art and perception using notions of sound, listening, and hearing as predominant creative forces.
  • Radio Advertisement - create a 30 sec. radio advertisement utilizing dialogue, sound effects and music.

Portfolio Inventory List

Include a list of contents, date of work, your name and contact information, names listed of collaborators and a brief description of the works included.  You can include this information in the description boxes on

Music Studio Option

DAA students have the option to register in Music Studio courses.  To register for the first timein Music studio you must pass an audition (see Studio Audition Information).


Online Portfolio Submissions:

Upload and Submit Your Portfolio Online at
For your convenience you can now submit your portfolio online. However, before you submit a portfolio, be sure to have completed your application for admission to the University via
You have until July 15 to submit your portfolio and/or other required documents.  You may upload images (jpg), video (mov, wmv, flv), music (mp3) and one PDF document file with a maximum 6 pages.  You may also link video and audio files from vimeo, soundcloud, and youtube. 
For best image quality and fast upload, image files should be about 1024 x 768px @ 72 dpi. Please keep video files under 60MB and limited to 2 - 3 minute clips. Our SlideRoom portal offers additional instruction for submitting your work.  For technical assistance, contact
At SlideRoom you can login and edit your portfolio as often as you like; however, once you have submitted it, no changes can be made. A $5 to $10 USD fee is charged at the time of submission.