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Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2014.

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MUSE 1150NVox Musica I0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 1151NVox Musica II0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 1350AUniversity Wind Orchestra I0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 1351AUniversity Wind Orchestra II0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 1360NOrchestra I0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 1361NOrchestra II0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 1550AUniversity Singers I0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 1551AUniversity Singers II0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 1560AWomen's Chorus I0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 1561AWomen's Chorus II0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 1650NPercussion Ensemble I0223Adam Mason
MUSE 1651NPercussion Ensemble II0223Adam Mason
MUSE 2150NVox Musica III0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 2151NVox Musica IV0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 2350AUniversity Wind Orchestra III0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 2351AUniversity Wind Orchestra IV0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 2360NOrchestra III0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 2361NOrchestra IV0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 2451ACollaborative Piano/Guitar with Voice I0223Carolyn Herrington
MUSE 2550AUniversity Singers III0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 2551AUniversity Singers IV0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 2560AWomen's Chorus III0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 2561AWomen's Chorus IV0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 2650NPercussion Ensemble III0223Adam Mason
MUSE 2651NPercussion Ensemble IV0223Adam Mason
MUSE 2950AJazz Ensemble I0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 2950AJazz Ensemble I0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 2951AJazz Ensemble II0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 2951AJazz Ensemble II0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 3150NVox Musica V0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 3151NVox Musica VI0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 3350AUniversity Wind Orchestra V0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 3351AUniversity Wind Orchestra VI0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 3360NOrchestra V0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 3361NOrchestra VI0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 3451ACollaborative Piano/Guitar - Instruments0223Carolyn Herrington
MUSE 3452AElectro-acoustic Ensemble II0223D. Andrew Stewart
MUSE 3550AUniversity Singers V0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 3551AUniversity Singers VI0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 3560AWomen's Chorus V0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 3561AWomen's Chorus VI0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 3950AJazz Ensemble III0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 3950AJazz Ensemble III0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 3951AJazz Ensemble IV0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 3951AJazz Ensemble IV0223Joshua Davies
MUSE 4150NVox Musica VII0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 4151NVox Musica VIII0223Glenn Klassen
MUSE 4350AUniversity Wind Orchestra VII0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 4351AUniversity Wind Orchestra VIII0223Chee Meng Low
MUSE 4360NOrchestra VII0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 4361NOrchestra VIII0223Peter Visentin
MUSE 4550AUniversity Singers VII0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 4551AUniversity Singers VIII0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSE 4560AWomen's Chorus VII0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 4561AWomen's Chorus VIII0223Sandra Stringer
MUSE 5775AEnsemble II0223Thilo Schaller
MUSE 5775BEnsemble II0223Thomas Staples
MUSE 5775CEnsemble II0223Blaine Hendsbee
MUSI 1000AIntroduction to Music0223Peter Visentin
MUSI 1011AMaterials of Music0223Adam Mason
MUSI 2181AAcoustics0223George Burleigh
MUSI 2260ATheory II0223Bente Hansen
MUSI 2260BTheory II0223Bente Hansen
MUSI 2260CTheory II0223Mark Richards
MUSI 2261AMusicianship Skills II0223George Burleigh
MUSI 2261BMusicianship Skills II0223Adam Mason
MUSI 2261CMusicianship Skills II0223Chee Meng Low
MUSI 2280AHistory II: Late Renaissance and Baroque0223Brian Black
MUSI 2280BHistory II: Late Renaissance and Baroque0223Paul Sanden
MUSI 2500NIntroduction to Music Technology0223Rolf Boon
MUSI 2500NAIntroduction to Music Technology0223D. Andrew Stewart
MUSI 3000AHildegard von Bingen: Medieval Composer and Author0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSI 3200AHistory of Jazz0223Joshua Davies
MUSI 3200NHistory of Rock and Roll: 1968-19900223Jesse Plessis
MUSI 3200YHistory of Rock and Roll: 1948 - 19700223John Anderson
MUSI 3261AMusic in Recital0223Thomas Staples
MUSI 3460ATheory IV0223Mark Richards
MUSI 3460BTheory IV0223Rolf Boon
MUSI 3461AMusicianship Skills IV0223Joshua Davies
MUSI 3461BMusicianship Skills IV0223Deanna Oye
MUSI 3461CMusicianship Skills IV0223Chee Meng Low
MUSI 3480AHistory IV: Romantic Music0223Brian Black
MUSI 3480BHistory IV: Romantic Music0223Paul Sanden
MUSI 360001Musi 3600 Tut 010223Thomas Staples
MUSI 3600AConducting II0223Thomas Staples
MUSI 3735AElectronics for Music Applications0223Arlan Schultz
MUSI 3871NOpera Workshop I0223Blaine Hendsbee
MUSI 4600AData Structures and Algorithms0223George Burleigh
MUSI 4610AInteractive Computer Music and Computer-Assisted Composition0223D. Andrew Stewart
MUSI 4637AAudio Spatialization Techniques0223Thilo Schaller
MUSI 4660AForm and Analysis0223Mark Richards
MUSI 4721ACanadian Music0223Paul Sanden
MUSI 48491Musi 4849 Lab 10223D. Andrew Stewart
MUSI 4849AApplied Research and Computer Music Composition II0223D. Andrew Stewart
MUSI 4871NOpera Workshop II0223Blaine Hendsbee
MUSI 4990AFilm Composition II0223Rolf Boon
MUSI 5000AHildegard von Bingen: Medieval Composer and Author0223Janet Youngdahl
MUSI 5748AGraduate Studio I0223Thilo Schaller
MUSI 5748BGraduate Studio I0223Thomas Staples
MUSI 5748CGraduate Studio I0223Blaine Hendsbee
MUSI 5990AComparing Pianists and Performances in Recording0223Deanna Oye
MUSI 6001ADirected Studies/Thesis Preparations0223Thilo Schaller
MUSI 6001BDirected Studies/Thesis Preparations0223Thomas Staples
MUSI 6001CDirected Studies/Thesis Preparations0223Blaine Hendsbee
MUSI 6002AWritten Thesis0223Thilo Schaller
MUSI 6002BWritten Thesis0223Thomas Staples
MUSI 6002CWritten Thesis0223Blaine Hendsbee