Bachelor of Music (Digital Audio Arts)


This Bachelor of Music in Digital Audio Arts is the only degree program of its kind in western Canada.  With a combination of academic courses and hands-on experiences in first-class studios and labs, the program provides students with the requisite knowledge and skills to succeed professionally in fields related to the audio industry.

Our facilities include: Studio One, a world class recording studio. A 5.1 surround-sound Audio Research Lab, three film composition suites, and 36-workstation instructional computer lab.

In addition, interdepartmental collaborative opportunities with music, new media, art, and the dramatic arts provide real world production experiences.  The program is also supported by guest lectures from industry specialists and professionals.

Visit the Digital Audio Arts website for more information.

Digital Audio Arts Courses
•    Audio production and capture
•    Sound engineering
•    Composition for film and video
•    Interactive and computer-assisted music composition
•    Audio synthesis
•    Data structures and algorithms
•    Acoustics
•    Music theory and history
•    Electro-acoustic performance ensembles

Areas of Concentration
•    Electro-acoustic composition
•    Composition for film & video
•    Audio engineering
•    Production
•    Integrated and collaborative media
•    Technology in education
•    Research in audio spatialization and computational models