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Below is a course list for the Fall semester of 2016.

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DRAM 1000AIntroduction to Dramatic Arts0222Justin Blum
DRAM 1000YIntroduction to Dramatic Arts0222Garland Dobbin
DRAM 2010APerformance Fundamentals0222Yvonne Maendel
DRAM 2120AHistory and Development of Theatre I0222Justin Blum
DRAM 2310AActing I0222Douglas MacArthur
DRAM 2320AVoice I0222Douglas MacArthur
DRAM 2340AMovement I0222Lisa Doolittle
DRAM 2350YSpeech Communication0222Garland Dobbin
DRAM 2420ADirecting I0222Ron Chambers
DRAM 2510ATheatre for Young Audiences I0222Andrew Legg
DRAM 2600APortfolio in Dramatic Arts I0222Lee Burckes
DRAM 2611ATechnical Theatre Portfolio I0222Lee Burckes
DRAM 2740ATheatre Creation I0222Greg MacArthur
DRAM 2750APlaywriting I0222Ron Chambers
DRAM 2810AIntroduction to Stagecraft0222Lee Burckes
DRAM 2825AIntroduction to Design for Theatre0222Jim Wills
DRAM 2830AStage Makeup0222Jorge Sandoval
DRAM 30301DRAM 3030 Lab 1 (For N)0222Blake Evernden
DRAM 30302Dram 3030 Lab 2 (For Calgary)0222Garland Dobbin
DRAM 3030NIntroduction to Film Studies0222Blake Evernden
DRAM 3030YIntroduction to Film Studies0222Garland Dobbin
DRAM 3040AExploring Creativity0222Andrew Legg
DRAM 3040NExploring Creativity0222Yvonne Maendel
DRAM 3040YExploring Creativity0222Jamie Dunsdon
DRAM 3100ATheatre in Performance0222Greg MacArthur
DRAM 3130ACanadian Theatre0222Greg MacArthur
DRAM 3151APlay Reading and Analysis II0222Justin Blum
DRAM 3310AActing II0222Gail Hanrahan
DRAM 3320AVoice II0222Douglas MacArthur
DRAM 3420ADirecting II0222Gail Hanrahan
DRAM 3600APortfolio in Dramatic Arts II0222Lee Burckes
DRAM 3611ATechnical Theatre Portfolio II0222Lee Burckes
DRAM 3740ATheatre Creation II0222Ron Chambers
DRAM 3770AImprovisation0222Andrew Legg
DRAM 3821AMask Making0222Leslie Robison-Greene
DRAM 3845AScenic Design for Theatre0222Jim Wills
DRAM 4600APortfolio in Dramatic Arts III0222Lee Burckes
DRAM 4611ATechnical Theatre Portfolio III0222Lee Burckes
DRAM 4850AAdvanced Scenic Techniques0222Jim Wills