Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dramatic Arts)

Moliere - Mainstage - 2007The BFA (Dramatic Arts) is a four-year degree that provides vibrant and varied practical opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the world of theatre and drama. No previous experience in theatre is necessary and you have three major options to choose from: Performance, Technical/Design, or Theatre Studies.

In all BFA (Dramatic Arts) streams, students complete a core program of courses in theatre theory and history, performance, and technical theatre/design.

Performance: You focus on core performance courses in acting, voice, and movement, with the opportunity to enhance your program with drama electives such as theatre for young audiences, improvisation, performance creation, dance, directing, and playwriting. In addition, you earn portfolio course credit by participating in Department productions.

Technical/Design: You are introduced to all areas of production and design including scenery, properties, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound and stage management through a combination of academic and production assignments. You develop practical hands-on skills in a minimum of two technical areas, for example sets & lighting, through production assignments. Qualifying senior-level students may have the opportunity for major technical or design assignments on the Department Mainstage productions.

Theatre Studies: You pursue a program that contains broad coverage of drama topics, while allowing the flexibility to focus on an area of individual interest, such as performance creation, writing, or theatre theory. In addition, you earn portfolio course credit by participating in Department productions.


  • Mainstage productions (4 per year) receive the highest level of technical and budgetary support with significant production values in all areas.
  • TheatreXtra productions (4 per year) simulate “real world” circumstances that help prepare you for work in theatre after graduation. As a serious production-minded student, you are responsible for all aspects of producing a play, from writing grant proposals and implementing your concepts right through to opening night and beyond.

For course requirements in your program check out a sample program planning guide.