Emily Luce will speak in Art Now on Nov 30 at 12:00 noon in the Recital Hall

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 12:00am - 12:50pm

Concept : Domesticity in the Art World, Sustainable Architecture (and Living,) Community/Collaborative Aspects, and the Pleasure of Tiny


I live in a suite in a house owned by the artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures-Miller in Lethbridge. At one time, they lived here, as have a slew of other Canadian artists who invited people in, made their work, and were a part of the arts community over the years.  People brought their stuff, and sometimes left it in the basement. A painting belongingto my partner, Rodney Sayers, and abandoned in his studio in Halifax, was left in a closet here by artists we knew who lived here two tenants before us. To our surprise and horror we found it the day we moved into the middle suite six years later. Throughout the house there is a collection of ‘artist repairs,’ slightly left of center solutions to problems. Because of this, the house has started to establish somewhat of a mythic quality for itself; locals are curious about who is living in the suites; everyone has an opinion about how it should be repaired. It’s a place that’s right on the brink of a certain history—someday it could become a significant art site. Then again, it could be sold and renovated by someone who wants to take advantage of its large footprint and strategic location.


"I am interested in this tipping point in the building’s history. In my project, I explore the qualities of this building in the present moment, and its domestic presence in Canadian art history. The work to be discussed is an 8.5’ x 16’ miniature portrait of this house, on a trailer, so that the specific history of this space up to now can be recorded, engaged, and presented to the Public ".



Emily Luce is an artist, a designer, and a researcher.  Her work looks at issues of mass industrialization and global society and how these factors influence everyday life. Emily received her MFA (Design) from NSCAD in 2000 and her BA (Art, + Center for Arts & Technology certificate) from Connecticut College in 1997. She joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, New Media Department at the University of Lethbridge in the fall of 2006. Beginning in 2013, she will re-open her art and design  studio, and continue her service as President of the Board of Directors of DesignInquiry.http://designinquiry.net/