Marcus Miller speaks in Art Now, March 31 in the Recital Hall at 12 noon

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 6:00am - 7:00am
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Recital Hall March 31, 2010


Marcus Miller is an independent curator and writer on art. Over the past 3 years at the Art Gallery of Alberta he curated several exhibitions of local artists and a number of special projects. His most recent show: The New Flâneurs: Contemporary Urban Practice and the Picturesque featured Lethbridge-based artist: Don Gill, and is a work-in-progress.
The New Flâneurs: Contemporary Urban Practice and the Picturesque
Many contemporary urban practices including: urban exploration, flash-crowds and games, graffiti art, parkour and skate-boarding - reformulate the city as an ever-changing, public space that is constantly subject to the transformation and embrace of its users. The premise of this exhibition is that much of the aesthetic groundwork for these new spatial activities was substantially laid by the European Situationists, and much earlier by the formulation of the Picturesque in the late 18th century.
In 1959 Willem Sandberg (Director of the Stedelijk Museum, 1945-63), made plans to mount a major Situationist exhibit. It would be organized as a giant labyrinth that opened out to the city by way of an explosion through the wall of the museum. Groups of Situationists would fan out on dérives using walky-talkies and a radio-truck.
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A Man Relieving Himself Among Ruins With Yoked Pigs Nearby, student of Thomas Bewick, wood engraving (ink on paper), 1824, 7.3 X 10.2cm, 90.42.228, collection of the Art Gallery of Alberta.
David Tonner (Edmonton Parkour) photo: K. Ireton