New York painter, Susanna Heller, will speak in Art Now at noon in the Recital Hall October 23, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009 - 6:00am - 7:00am
Event Location: 
Recita Hall October 23, 2009


Susanna Heller, is an internationally known senior Canadian painter, now residing in New York City. “Two things are essential to Heller's art; the sketches she makes during her daily walks or perceptual journeys from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back, and the act of walking itself. Although specific structures or views are essential to Heller's art her imagery is abstract. There is a free floating quality to her imagery. Heller seeks out structures that allow light to pass through them or heavily reflect light, scaffolding, bridges, and buildings with rows of windows, because she is fascinated by the way weather and light interact with solid matter. She chooses not to simply paint objects because she wants to engage all of our senses. She often includes images of the same structure seen from different angles in one image.
Susanna Heller’s work has been shown internationally including; Magnan Projects, NY; Olga Korper Gallery,Toronto; Oakville Galleries, Oakville; Out of Line: Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY; Gallery 808; U of Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Museum London, London, ON ; Hollandmania, Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal Leiden, Leiden, NL; Bard College, Annendale on Hudson, NY; Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, Netherlands; CIRCA States.