Filmmaker Tracey Deer will speak in Art Now at noon in the Recital Hall Oct 14, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 - 6:00am - 7:00am
Event Location: 
Recita Hall October 14, 2009


Tacey Deer, a Mohawk from the community of Kahnawake, is an award winning emerging filmmaker.  Deer, was co-director and co-DOP for Rezolution Pictures in Montreal on “One More River”, a 96-minute process documentary that followed the emotional and political turmoil involved within the Cree Nation when they signed a new deal to allow more hydroelectric damning on their land. The film won the Best Documentary Award at the Rendez-vous des Cinema Quebecois in February 2005 and was nominated for the Donald Brittain Best Social/Political Documentary at the Geminis. The film was broadcast on APTN in March 2005. Her second film, “Mohawk Girls”, a 63-minute process documentary, was a solo effort that she directed, filmed and wrote about the lives of three Mohawk teenagers growing up on the Kahnawake reserve, which was co-produced with Rezolution Pictures and the National Film Board. It won the Alanis Obomsawin Best Documentary Award at the Imaginenative Film Festival in 2005 and aired on APTN in February 2006. Deer’s most recent film “Club Native” looks into the present-day reality of Aboriginal identity and the divisive legacy of a discriminatory and sexist government policy that reveals the “blood quantum” (do not marry a white person; do not have a child with a white person), that threatens to destroy the fabric of her community. “Club Native” was the winner of the Best Canadian Film award at the 2008 DOXA film Festival in Vancouver and winner of the Best Canadian Film award at the 2008 First Peoples’ Festival in Montreal. Deer is currently in post-production on “Escape Hatch”, produced by her production company Mohawk Princess Pictures, that looks at the politics of love for a modern aboriginal woman.
Deer obtained her BA in Film Studies from Dartmouth College in 2000, graduating with two awards of excellence.