Christine D'Onofrio will speak in Art Now at noon in the Recital Hall October 30, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009 - 6:00am - 7:00am
Event Location: 
Recita Hall October 30, 2009


Christine D'Onofrio is an emerging visual artist currently living in Vancouver.  Her photography practice focuses on facets of identity and the body, and the space between personal experience and the construction of sexualized and/or gendered identity and testing that representation through the tropes of art history.  In “Pearls” and “Chromes” D’Onofrio’s work does not directly depict the body or figure, but only the materials and or objects that suggest, determine or inform the body; nail polish lacquers, lace undergarments and nude hosiery. In “Falling Women” the body is the battleground of desire and exploitation, referencing the work of feminist artist Ana Mendieta and art historical events such as Yves Klein’s “Leap into the Void” or Bas Jan Ader’s “Falling” pieces. 
Her work has exhibited including; 2009 Flare (solo-exhibition) in conjunction with Contact Photography Festival Soho, Toronto,ON, 2009; Falling Woman (solo-exhibition) Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2008; Infra-Ordinary Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston ON, 2008; Trust In Me Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2008; Nudes (solo-exhibition) Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2007; Food Dave Mirvish Books, Toronto ON, 2007; Prologue Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2006; and Diachronic Thames Art Gallery, Chatham ON. attached image: detail Falling Women. D’Onofrio attended York University in Toronto for her BFA, and obtained her MFA from the University of British Columbia and is currently teaching at University of British Columbia.