Montreal artist, Doug Scholes, will speak in Art Now at noon in the Recital Hall, Sept. 16, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 6:00am - 7:00am
Event Location: 
Recital Hall 12:00 noon September 16, 2009


Montreal artist Doug Scholes has exhibited at the MacLaren Art Center, Art City Festival, Trianon Gallery, Bau-Xi Gallery, and at the Darling Foundry; is a member of the artist collective CRUM and a board member at Dare-Dare. Scholes received an MFA from UQAM in 2001.   
Scholes' interests lie within the exploration of a pragmatic aesthetic, a principle that is concerned with the beauty exemplified in the practical use and presentation of common everyday things and activities. He has used the pragmatic aesthetic to explore the relationships between objects and their environment and how they are cared for. He is fascinated by an object’s appearance transformed by a lack of attention and
by the activity of maintenance that is performed to reverse those signs of neglect.Activity as the performance of maintenance is a necessary part of his work. Scholes' efforts are not so much because he desires order - as he believes chaos is a way of the world - rather it allows him to explore the inherent dichotomy between maintenance and deterioration. He responds to the dichotomy by creating things and installations that require their organization and structure be maintained. This response reflects the futile attempts to counter an object's entropic nature. Eventually there is nothing left to work with as the object's component ingredients, succumbing to chaotic order, have been rendered and released from the created or assembled form. Like the futility of the repetitive task set before Sisyphus, his work must mark the act of performing the undertaking and not just the goal of reaching the summit.
An exhibition of Scholes work at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery opens Aug 20 and will have a closing reception on September 26th.