Martin Segger speaks in Architecture & Design Now, March 2 in C 610 at 6 pm

Monday, March 2, 2009 - 11:00am - 2:00pm
Event Location: 
Room C 610 at 6:00 pm


In search of appropriate form: the buildings of Samuel Maclure.  
Professor Martin Segger Is the current President of the Commonwealth Association of Museums. Segger holds an honours B.A. in English Literature and a Diploma of Education (Secondary Curriculum) from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Philosophy in Renaissance Cultural Studies from the Warburg Institute, University of London.  In 1982 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and 1999 a Fellow of the Canadian Museums Association.
Since 1985 he has co-directed the course, Integrated Studies in Heritage Conservation, in co-operation with the University of Zagreb at the Interuniversity Centre, Dubrovnik. He has been active on the boards of the UNESCO organizations, International Council for the Conservation of Monuments and Sites – Canada, and the International Council of Museums – Canada, and has just finished a term as chair of the International Committee for the Training of Museum Personnel and is currently President, Commonwealth Association of Museums.
Dr. A. Welch and Prof. Segger are currently undertaking and 19th Century colonial architectural history research project in Calcutta, India, with SSHRC support and he directs a 1.2 million SSHRC Community University Research Alliance project at UVic.
Segger is Director, Community Relations, UVic, and director of the University Centre Museum and Auditorium complex; Adjunct Professor for Renaissance Studies and Museum Studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts; and academic advisor to for the Cultural Resources Management Programme.  In November 1987 and 1990 he was elected to serve three-year terms as Alderman, City of Victoria, was a 12 year appointee to the Provincial Capital Commission, and continues serving on the Victoria Harbour Authority.  
His special area of administrative expertise is arts and heritage management.
Academic contributions have been focused in two main areas:
 Architectural History:
            Victoria, An Architectural History (1979)
            The British Columbia Parliament Buildings (ed. 1979)t
            This Old House (1982) and This Old Town (1984): two conservation reports for                         the City of Victoria:
            Proceedings of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (1975-78, editor
            Vice-Regal Mansions of British Columbia (1982) Editor of this posthumous book                         by P. Cotton
            An Architectural Guide to British Columbia (in preparation)
            West Coast Review (Editorial Board member)
            The Buildings of Samuel Maclure:  In Search of Appropriate Form (1986).
            Training of Museum Personnel in Canada (1978)
            Technical Manual Series in Heritage Conservation (BC Heritage Trust, 1979-), editor             Introduction to Museum Studies  and Introduction to Heritage Conservation (print and             video distance education course, University of Victoria, 1984)
            OLMIS /iMIS (On-line Museum Information System) collections inventory control             system for the museum collection of the University of Victoria, co-author.
In both fields he has also written numerous exhibition catalogues, film scripts, articles and book reviews, etc.