Raphaelle de Groot will lecture in Art Now

Monday, January 22, 2007 - 5:00am - 8:00am
Event Location: 
Recital hall

"Approach Ranging from installation, intervention, performance and video to artistís books, publishing and curating, my acheivements cannot really be defined in terms of specific art disciplines. Rather, I operate through projects, some of which develop over the years while others materialize in a more targeted context and time-frame. My approach leads me to forge close ties with groups of people united by shared exprience. I attempt to involve them in revelatory action, encouraging them to produce various types of marks and narrative structures. Their contributions ñ for example in the form of written traces, drawings, photographs, audio recordings ñbecome elements of my work. In the encounter and negotiation with others, I look for the traces and outward signs of an identity, and try to make visible the common experiences that link individuals together. This takes shape through a repertory of gestures and tactics (immersion and field work; meetings, exchanges and interactions; data collecting; cataloguing and classifying; analyzing; exhibiting) ñ the moment of exhibition often acting as a kind of cross section, that is, a space within which the materials and treatments appear through a body of elements that translate a process at work. While my attachment for the human subject and its search for identity reveals my kinship with the anthropologist, the figures of the detective, the scientist and the archivist emerge from the methods I use to register and decipher the signs of a world unseen, latent and difficult to visualize and portray. However, the data collecting and organizing systems that I implement often involve a form of blindness, a defective mechanism. Hence the recurring motifs in my creative process: the enforcement of contrived rules that sideslip or induce an uncomfortable ambiguity, the hint of lacks and wants, the creation of handicaps, the acknowledgement of impasses and eternal beginnings. RaphaÃ