Bachelor of Fine Arts (Multidisciplinary)

If you have an interest in art, music and drama, and don’t want to focus on just one, the BFA (Multidisciplinary) provides you with the independence and flexibility to study all three.

Develop your own program by choosing one major area of concentration while taking a selection of courses in each of the other two. Then add combinations of courses from inside or outside the Faculty of Fine Arts to support and complement the direction and focus you have chosen.

This program affords an excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue professions in fine arts fields such as art therapy, art administration, performance, journalism, musical theatre, recreation, arts criticism, or design.

To get assistance in developing the program that’s just right for you, be sure to contact Fine Arts Student Program Services at 403.329.2691.

For additional requirements specific to the program you create contact

For course requirements in your program, check out a sample program planning guide.