Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art) / Bachelor of Education

Andy Davies, BFA/BEd '09 - How Can I Miss You if You Never Go Away?

Your program includes hands-on foundation studio courses that introduce you to diverse material and technical skills and prepare you to move forward into a range of studio areas including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and material practices, installation and performance art, photography, video and media art and digital fabrication and electronic art. In Advanced and Senior Studio, you will have an individual studio space and one-on-one mentorship from Art Studio faculty as you develop your own art projects. Throughout your program, Art History and Museum Studies courses will allow you to develop your critical thinking and writing skills, readying your for professional practice as an artist and educator. Further studies in the faculty of Education prepare you for the exciting world of teaching.

It takes 5 years to complete a combined BFA-Art/B.Ed degree at the University of Lethbridge (5 courses a semester for 2 semesters / year). Upon entering the University you will apply as a pre-BFA (Art)/B.Ed or a pre-Post-Diploma BFA (Art)/B.Ed student. It is recommended that students in BFA/B.Ed combined degrees study in the Fine Arts for 3 years and then apply into the Faculty of Education for the final two years.

Portfolio Requirements

Students pursuing a BFA (Art)/B.Ed are required to submit a portfolio and a personal statement. Portfolio Requirements (Step 3).

For course requirements in your program, check out a sample program planning guide.